Money Making Jobs That Don’t Require An Office

Are you in search of that perfect job as the idea of sitting at a desk in an office is driving you nuts? Good news! There are many jobs that you can do that won’t have you chained to a desk for eight hours a day, five days a week. Today, our typical job environment is beginning to change, giving people more freedom to work wherever they want and sometimes even when they want. What’s more, most of these jobs are actually fulfilling, exciting and can even be high-paying. Here are great ways that you can earn money online from home or just about anywhere you can get WiFi.

1. Teach online courses

Got a skill? Think you can teach it to others? Why not offer online courses! With course marketplaces like Udemy and Teachable, you can teach anything and everything. You don’t need to be an expert in any specific field. If you’ve got the knowledge to share, why not conveniently help out others and make money while you’re at it! Simply create your online course content. This can be video, audio, text, downloadable assets, etc. Upload your course to the course marketplace you like best. The marketplace will market for you and you can also promote your course(s) via social media.

2. Build an online store

Got something to sell? Services, software, or other products? Build your own e-commerce. While you could easily sell your goods online at Amazon, eBay, Shopify or Etsy, hosting your own store front has a lot of advantages. For instance, it provides you with greater control over shop and presentation, it’s better for business branding and can be more cost effective by avoiding transaction and listing fees. Plus, you don’t need to be a website building guru to set up your own online store. Free tools and cheap web hosting make it more than possible for you to build a store. Just remember that advertising your page on a blog, social media sites, etc. is important to generating interest in your business.

3. Mobile App Developer 

You don’t need to be hired by a company to develop an app for a mobile device, nor do you need to be an IT professional. Once you’ve got a good idea for an app, use a mobile app building platform to help you bring you project to fruition. Great platforms for building Android and iOS apps include, Mobile Roadie, TheAppBuilder, Appy Pie and Good Barber. Effectively monetizing your app and reaching your target market are also important if you want to make a profit from your application. mobile ad and monetization networks can help you achieve this success, such as Millenia Media, Leadbolt, Flurry or Appnext. In fact, the latter of these companies can help you organise your time with Appnext Actions, which is a unique way to make your app more relevant to users and help it to make sense within their daily lives.

4. Freelancing

You can make money as a freelance writer, photographer, web designer and so on. Build a portfolio of your work, use social media, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to advertise your talents, and join one of the many online freelance job marketplaces to look for work and to make yourself available to others seeking to hire. Examples of great websites where you might find work include Guru, Aquent, The Creative Group, CrowdSource and Flexjobs. 

5. Virtual assistant

Want to be the digital secretary of a professional who doesn’t have the time to complete online tasks? Become a virtual assistant and take care of any aspect of the business that can be completed virtually. Depending on what is required, this could mean maintaining social media such as scheduling tweets. Other tasks may include managing an inbox, designing blog graphics, researching for blog posts and beyond.

How? Are you ready to take the plunge and explore these work opportunities yet?

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