4 Everyday Places To Meet The Love of Your Life

Tired of online dating? Speed dating? Blind dates? Small talk and surprisingly dull conversations despite the low expectations? I hear you. In this day and age, one would think that all these apps for singles would help you find the love of your life, when in fact… they do more harm than good. So step away from the computer and your mobile device and allow yourself to meet someone the old-fashioned way. Want to have your own How I met your mother story? Go out and loosen up a bit. And when we say out, this is where we want you to go…

1. Dine & Catch 

In order to fall in love with someone, you have to love yourself first, so don’t be afraid to go out for a lunch break on your own – or even dinner from time to time. You might just spot a cute guy sitting just a few tables away. Instead of hoping for your eyes to meet across the room, send him a drink! Just be ready for a few rejections here and there, as you never know – they might have a girlfriend back home. But once it really happens and a handsome guy does approach your table to have that drink with you, you’ll realise it was definitely worth it.

2. Booze & Parties

Single guys are usually the easiest to spot at a party since most of those who are already taken will either arrive with their better half or will stay at home instead. Once you see someone standing on their own or their entourage, don’t allow yourself to just stand in the corner and do nothing – move to the high-traffic area. Try hanging out in the kitchen by the fridge stacked with alcohol or by the food table, since it is highly likely he will pass by at some point. Just remember that it’s best to take some of your outgoing friends to parties so that they can hop in and help if the situation requires it.

3. Go Hit The Gym 

Classic pick-up spot; although smartphones and earphones do keep many people focused on themselves during the workout, you can still break the cycle. For those of you who are wondering just how to meet a guy at the gym while you are all sweaty and au natural, let us reveal a little secret: they love it. Don’t be scared to make an eye contact and show off your confidence. Trust us, not one of them will be judging your ragged hair (but they probably won’t miss out on the opportunity to check you out, so be sure to wear your good tights for the occasion).

4. Grocery Shopping Works

I know it may seem a bit strange, but when you see a man shopping for groceries on his own, you can rest assured he is mature and independent. Yes, he might be doing the shopping instead of his girlfriend who is waiting for him at home, but we’re sure you can come up with plenty of excuses to talk to him. Just check out his cart and ask about a product he’s got, for instance in which aisle he pick-up the stir-fry kit while pretending that you can’t find it or something along those lines and the conversation will start naturally. Even if it doesn’t, there’s always the line at the check-out counter, just stand back and wait for a cute guy to get behind.

You see, we’ve made a list of places you visit on a daily basis – you don’t need Tinder or a profile on a dating website, you can meet someone in person in no time. Just remember to put one some decent clothes even if you’re going out to get some bread (there’s no way of telling who’s going to be standing beside you in the bakery).

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