25 SemiSerious’ Cartoons Wraps Up The Year 2016 In Singapore

For better or worse, we are here again at the end of another year. To help us sum up some of the most talked topics amongst Singaporeans in 2016, we would like to bring your attention to the works by Mr Guay Chong Kian (45 years old), creative doodle artist behind the Facebook Fan Page SemiSerious. Many of his cartoons represented the emotions of folks in Singapore over controversial issues in Singapore but spun in a slightly funnier perspective so that people can laugh over it and release some of their pent-up frustrations. Check out 25 of his works below, have a good laugh and brace yourself for the brand new year ahead!

1. Cell Groups Moving To A Brand New Venue!

2. New Dwelling Places For Living Singaporeans

3. Be Careful Who You Fall In Love With

4. If You Don’t See Me In Office, You Know Why Ah!

5. The Most Expensive Bin Centre Ever

6. Yeah, Our First Olympic Champion

7. It’s The Time Of The Year Again

8. Isn’t This An NEA Issue?!?!

9. There Goes The Birthrate

10. Circle Line Not Winning The Popularity Vote

11. Exploding Phones Are The Rage These Days!

12. Oppss… Who Accidentally Pulled The Plug?

13. Feed Your Kid & Keep Them Quiet

14. Now You Can Bet Anytime, Anywhere. So Simple!

15. Are We Too Hard On Our Children & Their Teachers?

16. Pokemon Fever Hits The Little Red Dot

17. Private Doctors’ Parangs Got Blunt

18. Bukit Panjang LTR Transformed

19. Latest Grand Prix In Singapore

20. Slow Death Of The Prints

21. Goodbye Ping Pong Dream

22. Gantries Up For Malaysia

23. Choped For Minority Race

24. Longer Paternity Leave For Daddies

25. Our Tanks In Hong Kong

We hope you enjoyed 25 of the cartoons by SemiSerious to round up the most talked about issues in 2016. You may also like to check out SemiSerious Facebook page for his other works.

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