Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube Downloader

There are many online YouTube video downloading tools over the internet, which have made it extremely easy for the user to download the videos from YouTube to any desired format. Accessing the videos of YouTube even when you are online is very easy with the YouTube app itself. However, if you want to view the videos in mp3 format and want it to be saved in your device, then you should go for YouTube downloader mp3. Here we are going to give you 5 basic reasons why most of the people like to use this downloader. 

1. The user can download the video in any desirable format

Despite the fact, YouTube provides the feature of downloading the video for viewing offline; some people still want to use the downloader because of their own reasons. One of the common reasons for using the downloader is that it provides the user with the flexibility with which he can choose the desired format.

Whether you want to download the video in .avi format or.mp3 format, you can easily do it through the use of downloader. Furthermore, when you choose a format to convert a video on YouTube too, the downloader quickly converts it and then downloads it in no time.

2. It downloads HD quality videos

There are a number of downloaders that download the videos from YouTube but fail to maintain the quality of the video. The users end up seeing the low-quality video after downloading the video from YouTube. There are also many downloaders that maintain the quality of the YouTube video. If YouTube offers the video in full HD, the downloader will maintain its high resolutions even if it is converted to any desirable format.

3. Downloading YouTube videos is safe

Most of the downloaders have no spyware of malware to put the data of your computer at risk. Downloading the video from any other source can cause your computer harm as the files ready to be downloaded often have a virus with them. When you download the video from YouTube, you can keep them in your device without being worried about any type of threat.

4. Most of the video downloaders are free

Due to the increase in competition, most of the downloaders provide their services free of cost. The best thing about these downloaders is that they don’t have any ad to display which means they don’t even try to earn money from any annoying method.

5. They add an extension to your browser

Adding the extension of the YouTube downloader in the browser makes the downloading process completely effortless. This extension gives the option to download the video as soon as the user opens and starts viewing the YouTube video.

The bottom lines

YouTube has become a major source of entertainment and information. Sharing videos of YouTube have become very common. YouTube downloader has made the lives of the people very easy than ever before.

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