4 Tips To Selecting The Perfect Gift For Your Eagle Scout

Being part of the boy scout is a great experience to anyone looking to make their memorable and meaningful. It’s a group where important values are instilled in young men and because of it, a lot of people look up to boy scouts. Responsible citizenship, independence, resourcefulness, and character development are among the things you learn when you enter into the organization.

For a member of the Boy Scouts of America, becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest achievement one could earn in the program. It’s a designation that takes years to achieve. With meticulous requirements and a lengthy review process, only 4% of boy scouts are granted this rank.

Having an Eagle Scout in the family is a great honour. If you have someone you love who’s going to be awarded this much-coveted title, congratulations! If you’re thinking of what to give for a present, read on to find 4 tips to selecting perfect eagle scout gifts:

1. Consider eagle themed items

Perhaps a very obvious one, but still one of the most thoughtful ones to get. Your boy would love anything eagle themed you give him because it celebrates his becoming an Eagle Scout. You can give him a box with engraved eagle head where he can keep his badges. You can also get him a bald eagle head decor to hang on the walls of his room. Or even something as small as a leather stamped keychain with an eagle design. A quick search on Amazon or Etsy will reveal a ton of high-quality artisan items that are affordable and fitting for your Eagle Scout.

2. Get something personalized

Nothing beats giving personalized items. Aside from the thought that comes with it, you are also assured it doesn’t get passed around as another gift. There are tons of personalized items you can choose to give your Eagle Scout to show how much you’re proud of them. From embroidered towels to mugs, and caps, there is no shortage of gift ideas for him.

3. Give him something useful

It may be hard to think of a gift to someone who was trained to always be prepared. You’d think they have everything they need! No worries, because whatever you give will be much appreciated by your humble scout. Useful and functional items are always welcome in a scout’s stash. How about a wooden engraved Swiss knife? Or a metal canteen to store water during hikes? Or even a durable shirt? Gifts don’t always have to be unique. Sometimes people appreciate function over form.

4. Consider something homemade

In the world of gift giving, nothing spells genuineness better than something homemade. Make his favourite food. Bake his favourite cake. Knit him a sweater. Make a simple vest for him to pin his badges on. You can throw him a party to celebrate his achievement. Invite all his friends and enjoy the merry moment. The effort you put into pulling something off will definitely mean a lot to your dear Eagle Scout.

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