How Not To Let Work-Related Stress Affect Crucial Family Time

Singaporeans are one of the hardest working nations in the world. The Independent reports that the average worker clocks up 2,371.2 hours in the workplace each year. Therefore, it is of little surprise that 60% of employees say they have above average or high-stress levels, according to a Willis Towers Watson survey. Finding ways to keep your stress under control is key, but it’s important to set some time aside for some valuable family too.

Dine out with loved ones

A survey conducted by the Families for Life Council revealed that one in 10 employees spend six hours or less with their immediate family members each week as a result of long working hours. You can beat the worry and stress of not spending enough time with your family by enjoying some valuable family time together dining out at one of Singapore’s top eateries, such as the Halcyon & Crane. By eating out, you can escape to a relaxed and calm environment where there’s no need to worry about food prep, cooking or the dishes. And, you can benefit from earning rewards on your meal if you pay with a specially selected credit card. Furthermore, these rewards can be used at a later date to enjoy another family day out together.

Book a getaway 

25% of Singaporeans say that they would leave their current position in order to achieve a better work-life balance, reports Channel News Asia. However, before you throw the towel in for good, it’s wise to take some time off, book a getaway and enjoy a break with your loved ones. Research has revealed that after just three days on vacation, your quality of sleep and your overall mood is boosted. What’s even better is that you’ll still reap these benefits five weeks later. Additionally, you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated following your break which will help to keep your head clear and allow you to return to the office raring to go.

Go for walk 

Exercise is the key to beating work-related stress. Research has shown that students who walk regularly have lower stress levels than those who don’t exercise. Meanwhile, Japanese studies detail how the relaxing and calming effect of a walk in the park or forest surrounded by nature provides greater stress-busting effects. Therefore, get the whole family to don their walking shoes and incorporate a long walk into your schedule each weekend. By doing this, you’ll relax, get fit, relieve stress and have the opportunity to have a good chat with one another.

Relax in front of the television

By getting your family together in front of the television, you’ll be forced to sit down and do nothing other than enjoy the show. One study revealed that watching TV is particularly beneficial for a woman’s stress levels and showed that the longer she watched for the lower her cortisol levels were. So, make a list of all the family movies and box sets you want to watch together and make it a regular date for all the family.

Hard working Singaporeans are working long hours and are facing rising stress levels as a result. Therefore, it’s important to factor in some quality family time to help you de-stress and to appreciate the finer things in life.

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