How To Plan A Perfect Destination Wedding In Singapore

Make your Singaporean destination wedding planning a stress-free one with our destination wedding tips. Couples who are on a budget are not left out of the fun! A Singaporean destination wedding planning is quite a task, especially for couples coming in from out of Asia. From how much a wedding in Singapore cost, to the country’s bylaws, wedding traditions, and all. One would want to give up but the beautiful locations, the experience, and the memories to last forever is worth the “stress”. 

The festive season is upon us and couples are choosing to get hooked at destination weddings right now. If the beautiful island of Singapore is your choice, then read up on how to plan a destination wedding. While planning, infuse a little tradition through your vows by picking out your traditional wedding vows from wedding forwardSteps to Planning a Destination Wedding in Singapore

1. Set A Realistic Budget

Before booking a destination wedding in Singapore, set a realistic budget, one you know you can maintain. Call a meeting with everyone involved in the wedding and know what part of the wedding they are willing to sponsor. This will help you narrow your venue choice, the number of guests, meal plan, accommodation, and even what to wear.

According to the value champion, a wedding in Singapore cost between $14,000 to $100,000. We advise you do only what you can afford, especially for the couple on a budget. You may need to do a lot of DIY on the flowers and wedding favours. Get friends who can also double as a hair stylist and makeup artist. Get a preloved wedding gown or take advantage of the “great Singapore sale” in June with up to 70% discount on all items.

Prepare some extra cash for miscellaneous expenses which may crop up and take advantage of wedding packages.

2. Do Your Research

It is important that you are abreast with all what you need to know about Singapore concerning marriages before you book. First, the couple must be above 21 years of age to qualify for marriage. If any of them is below 21 years, there must be a proven consent from their guardians, reviewed by the Singapore registry of marriages. There is no language barrier, as English is one of the four official languages.

As an intending couple, you must reside in Singapore consistently for at least 15 days before you can file for marriage. Marriage notification must be accurately filed 21 days to your marriage and you will marry within three months from the date of the notification approval. You may engage a solemnizer if you will marry at exotic locations of your choice. For couples who choose to marry at the registry or marriages venue, you have no need to get a solemnizer. The ROM provides according to your beliefs and choices.

3. Choose Your Time Of The Year

Singapore is a place to visit at any time of the year. But bearing in mind that there is a wedding to plan, you need to study the weather and seasons in Singapore. This will save you a lot of expenses and prepare you and your entourage/ guests better for the wedding.

The months of November to January have lots of festivities lined up which attracts tourists and the price of everything peaks. The chances of getting a discount will be very low. It is also the coolest and “wettest” time in Singapore, so you may have to cover up. August and October are void of festivities and the weather is moderate at that time of the year. This may be the best time to get married in Singapore, especially for couples on a budget.

June and July are very hot and dry with the annual grand sale happening. We don’t advice a wedding in Singapore at this time of the year. But if you must, remember to wear something light with less coverage. A hat and a generous slather of sunscreen.

4. Narrow Down Choice Locations

Singapore is brimming with beautiful locations that one will be spoilt for choice. But we advise that you consider one important thing, which is your budget. Depending on your budget, you should book a place that you can honeymoon at or close to after the wedding. If you’re not flying in caterers or hiring planners, make sure the wedding venue offers meal packages.

Use restaurants or parks instead of a hotel. If everyone insists on a hotel, a boutique hotel is the best option. It is also best to pick weekdays and do lunch than weekends and dinners. You could save up 40% expense that way.

Some relatively cheap destination wedding locations in Singapore include Hort Park with a 200 guest capacity. It costs $775 for 4hours on Tuesdays to Thursdays and $963 from Fridays to Sunday’s. Other places are Salt and Grill sky bar, Shangri-la’s Raso Sentosa resort, Fullerton Bay Hotel, Burkhill hall and more.

5. Your Professionals Are Important

Your wedding should be perfect, more so if you go to have it at a destination location. The memory of the event will stay with you and all who will attend for a long time. This is the experience of a lifetime, so your professionals should be well tested and trusted. Taking note of the exchange rate; bring in your caterers, photographers, DJs, hair and makeup artist days before your wedding.

They should be on the ground getting ready for your big day. If you think that’s stressful, hire wedding planners based in Singapore, agree on prices and send them a checklist of what you want at your wedding. Have consistent calls and video sessions with them using Skype or any other medium. Arrive in Singapore at least one week before your wedding and have a sit-down session to get updates with everyone involved.

Check online to see some top rated Singapore based wedding planners available.

6. Book Flights, Transportation and Accommodation in Advance

To avoid a hike in prices or losing out on packages at specific times of the year, it is wise to book early. Look for flight and hotel packages that come with discounts when you’re many. There may also be discounts on bridal suites in some hotels at some times of the year, take advantage.

For the guests, make it easy for those confirmed to attend by making accommodation arrangements for them on time. Make available transportation to pick them from the airport to their hotels and to the wedding venue. Some guests may want to see the city, it is important they have a guide and safe transportation.

Designated at least two trusted friends or family to oversee this part of the planning, because it can be frustrating. This will ensure a seamless progression of events.

7. Explore Your Choices

Having a destination wedding simply spares you the freedom from traditions. You are at liberty to infuse whatever catches your fancy into your wedding. You can decide on traditional vows or create something that best defines you and your partner.

There are some wedding traditions in Singapore that are very interesting and fun. Making it a part of your wedding is great, as this is a way to take some part of Singapore back home with you. Try out the “red packet” practice which is a form of blessing from the guests to the couple. Each guest will put a certain amount of money into a red packet and present to the couple.

The hair combing ritual is another interesting one that happens as the eve of the wedding. The hair of the couple on combed four times, each meaning the following declarations. A long-lasting marriage, happiness, and harmony, many children and grandchildren, longevity.

8. Something For Those at Home

There will be that family and friend who could not make it due to work, finance or ill health. Don’t deny them all the fun. Make arrangements for a small get together or party for them, depending on your pocket. You can also get your maid of honour to live stream your wedding from Singapore through Instagram or Facebook. This way, they can join in and be part of your day from anywhere in the world.

You may also get cheap souvenirs from Singapore like shells if it was a beach wedding or other local items. Take them back with you and gift those back home with it. This will make them feel important and like they were in Singapore.

9. Don’t Miss Out On The Fun

As a couple, a bride, in particular, your energy will affect everything and everyone who is part of the wedding. Remember to relax, designate duties and trust your handlers. Lose the tension and by joyful at everything.

It is normal to want to be hands-on with everything, but you cannot do it all alone. That is why you should work with only those you trust to have your back. Get involved in the fun, grab all the exciting experience and save as many memories to last a lifetime. It is your day and the spotlight is on you. Do not dampen or ruin it by worrying about things you have no control over.

With these 9 sure tips for destination wedding planning, you will not go wrong. This article has all the important basics covered, for couples with surplus finance and those on a budget. Follow this guide, lose all inhibitions and enjoy the first day of the best day of the rest of your lives!

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