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Formed in 1989 as Taiwan’s first privately owned international airline, EVA Air is a division of the respected Evergreen Group and sister company to global container-shipping leader Evergreen Line. It flew its first scheduled flight in 1991 and today serves a network of business and leisure destinations in Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver. I am honoured to have chance to fly onboard their latest luxurious Royal Laurel Class during my recent trip to Taipei City, Taiwan. The pampering starts from an exclusive premier check in at Changi Airport.

Premier Check In Lounge Changi Airport - AspirantSG

Eva Air routing within Asia is among the industry’s best. With one stop in Taipei, travelers can connect onward to most major cities, including China’s leading destinations. As a Star Alliance member, EVA has extended its network to more than 1,300 destinations in over 190 countries. EVA makes more flights from North America to Taiwan, connecting to more destinations in Asia than any other airline. Taiwan’s geographic advantage makes it the ideal Asia-Pacific transportation hub. Being a guest on Royal Laurel Class, I get to chill out and relax at SATS Premier Lounge before boarding the plane! 

Tickets To Eva Air Royal Laurel Class

Before we know it, we boarding for Taipei City. A warm welcome to EVA Air Royal Laurel Class, a luxurious new top-cabin business service on its Boeing 777s.

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class Cabin - AspirantSG

Configured in a 1-2-1 herringbone pattern, Royal Laurel Class seats are a roomy 26 inches wide and stretch out fully flat.

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class Seats - AspirantSG

Just look at my leg room!

Leg Room On Eva Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG


Passenger environments include coat hooks, powerpoints, USB port, AV inputs points and easy-to-reach stowage space for everything from shoes to glasses, convenient seat-side tables for beverages and snacks, and multi-function connectivity for personal electronic devices. Power sockets are 110V and pull-out tables are extra large, all designed to equip business travelers with in-flight offices when they need them.

Convenient Cabin Facilities On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

But my eyes were more drawn to the 16-inch touch screen TV with all its exciting content. Time to snuggle up in my cozy seat for movie marathon!

16 Inch Touchscreen TV On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG


In-flight dining resembles a fine restaurant experience,

Menu On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

We start with a dainty pastry to get my appetite going.

Starters On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

Next came my starters – Hors D’oeuvre – Grilled Lemongrass Prawn with Mango and Chili Salsa

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class Hors D'oeuvre - Grilled Lemongrass Prawn with Mango and Chili Salsa - AspirantSG

I had Grilled Snapper With Dill Cream Sauce, Mixed Vegetable and Pumpkin Mashed Potato as my main course.

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class Grilled Snapper With Dill Cream Sauce, Mixed Vegetable and Pumpkin Mashed Potato - AspirantSG

Some healthy fruits to wash off the guilt,

Fruits Served On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

Before committing more sins!

Desserts & Coffee On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

Throughout the meal, I indulged in the champagne – Veuve Clicquot LA GRANDE DAME 2004. From one of the oldest champagne houses in the world, La Grande Dame 2004 is a blend of 61% Pinot Noir and 39% Chardonnay which gives it a crisp and refreshing contrast. It goes well with seafood and fish which I am having. Omg, this is the high life!

Dining On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

When my eyes start to get heavy after a huge meal, I turn to adjust my seat. The amount of flexibility to the seat is amazing.

Seats Control On EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

The seat can actually recline fully into a comfortable bed.

Sleeping on EVA Air Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSG

Quality service and safety with emphasis on passenger comforts are EVA’s priorities. Travel + Leisure readers ranked it among the Top 10 International Airlines in 2012. And travelers voted EVA to have the Best Airline Staff Service in Asia in SKYTRAX’s 2012 World Airline Awards survey. Special thanks to our attentive EVA Air Stewardess who have served us on our flight! Royal Laurel Class is available to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris, Amsterdam and London passengers.

Eva Air Stewardess On Royal Laurel Class - AspirantSGCreative and innovative, EVA has rolled out its second-generation Hello Kitty Jets. If you are interested to read about my experience of their exquisite Hello Kitty Flights, please click here.  

EVA Air Hello Kitty Crew & Board Meals - AspirantSG

Last but not least, flying by EVA Air also mean that you get to rest and rejuvenate at any one of their four themed lounges when they are at Taipei International Airport. You will be spoilt for choices!

EVA Air Lounges In Taipei Airport - AspirantSG

There is no doubt that I am flying to the States with EVA Air in future!

EVA AIR Boeing 777-300ER

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  1. I fly the USA-Singapore routes almost every month. The Royal Laurel seats are indeed very nice. One thing that has changed since your review…EVA passengers at Changi now get invited to the SIA lounges.


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