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#EVAAir #HelloKitty Flights Coming To Singapore In December!

#HelloKitty fans get ready to scream! #EVAAir will be bringing its popular Hello Kitty Planes to Singapore Changi Airport in December! EVA Air and Sanrio worked together to launch the first generation of Hello Kitty Jets in 2005 and 2006. 2011 saw the two companies developing the second generation of EVA Hello Kitty Jets. EVA Air now operates 6 versions of these specially painted Hello Kitty aircrafts. Each with its own unique theme, they include the EVA Hello Kitty Magic, Apple, Global, Happy Music Speed Puff, and the latest Hand-in-Hand Jets. Say hello to EVA Hello Kitty Global Jet below!

EVA Air Hello Kitty Global Jet - AspirantSG

Conceived by the airline’s chairman to make flying fun, EVA’s Hello Kitty Jets have proven to be popular among travelers worldwide. If you think the Hello Kitty experience only starts onboard the flight, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Get fully immersed in candy sweet Hello Kitty paradise the very moment you check in at Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2!

EVA Air Hello Kitty Check In Kiosk - AspirantSG

This check in is exclusive for passengers on Hello Kitty Jets traveling from Taiwan to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China Guam, and the United States. Of course, it will also be available for you traveling from Taiwan to Singapore this December!

Existing EVA Air Hello Kitty Flight Routes - AspirantSG

Get ready your passports to check in using these adorable Hello Kitty Kiosks for your boarding passes and baggage stickers.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Check In Kiosks - AspirantSG

Just a few simple steps and you will be all ready to board the flight!

EVA Air Hello Kitty Boarding Pass - AspirantSG

Even the journey to the boarding gate is filled with Hello Kitty themed amenities such as this Hello Kitty Payphone and even a baby room from Mothers.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Phone - AspirantSG

Did I mention we are boarding through an exclusive Hello Kitty Gate?

EVA Air Hello Kitty Boarding Gate - AspirantSG

You can choose to do some last minute shopping before flying off,

EVA Air Hello Kitty Shop At Boarding Gate - AspirantSG

Hangout with the kids at the Hello Kitty playground or

EVA Air Hello Kitty Playground - AspirantSG

Chill out with a magazine at one of these Hello Kitty seats while you wait for boarding.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Boarding Gate Waiting Area

Onboard, EVA Air friendly cabin crews welcome you to your seat with sweet pink aprons with Hello Kitty design.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Crew Apron - AspirantSG

Get seated comfortably with your personal Hello Kitty pillow while you read the specially designed Hello Kitty Aircraft Safety Brochure.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Safety Brochure & Seat Pillow - AspirantSG

You may also like to check out the Hello Kitty themed in-flight entertainment system to check out what’s on.

EVA Air Hello Kitty In-flight Entertainment - AspirantSG

I have never looked forward so much to my onboard meals! かわいい!

EVA Air Hello Kitty Adult Meals - AspirantSG

Hands off! This is for kids only.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Kids Meal - AspirantSG

Royal Laurel Class passengers will enjoy additional sweet perks

EVA Air Hello Kitty Royal Laurel Class Desserts - AspirantSG

More than 100 in-flight service items were specially adorned with irresistible Hello Kitty characters. We have checked, the restrooms hand-washing liquid, hand cream and napkins are not spared either.

EVA Air Hello Kitty Toiletries - AspirantSG

You can wipe your errmmm with Hello Kitty too!

EVA Air Hello Kitty Toilet Roll - AspirantSG

EVA Air has developed an irresistible range of limited-edition Hello Kitty duty-free products that fans can buy during flights. Make sure you check out their in-flight catalogue.

Experience EVA Air Hello Kitty Flights This December!

Interested to experience Hello Kitty flight this December? Choose from any of these departure dates for EVA Air Hello Kitty Charter flights: 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 & 20 December 2014!

Happy Passengers on EVA Air Hello Kitty Flights - AspirantSG

Ticket sales for the Hello Kitty flights will only be available through these 6 exclusive travel agents:

1. Chan Brothers Travel

2. CS Travel

3. CTC Travel

4. Dynasty Travel

5. Green Holidays

6. New Shan Travel

The agents will be selling full board tour packages themed with the Hello Kitty flight. Limited seats per agent are available across each departure date. Interested passengers can contact any of the travel agents for package information and ticket sales have commenced with immediate effect.

The Hello Kitty Charter flights will be housed on an Airbus A330-200 which will consist of 24 Premium Laurel seats and 228 economy seats. The Hello Kitty Jet theme used for each charter flight will be subject to aircraft scheduling.

Have fun, #HelloTaiwan in December & enjoy your #HelloKitty flight from Singapore!

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