Unique Ideas For Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding is the most special event of life that brings dreams to reality and fills our life with excitement. When you are planning the most significant event of your life, you want everything on point and ready. From the dress and venue, food, decoration, rituals to wedding invitation cards, you want everything to be perfect and top-notch.

Wedding invitations make the first impression that you give to your guests regarding your occasion. For instance, if you are planning a theme wedding, the card should be according to it, or it should bring out the colors of your personality. So, this first glimpse of your wedding you show to your guest should be elegant, artistic, and an indicator of a joyful event. There was a time when everyone appreciated conventional wedding cards, but now it is not the talk of the town. The trendsetting unique wedding invitation cards have blown away the simple old school invitation card ideas. If you desire to shower your wedding cards with creativity, then this blog is all that you need to read. Here you will get to know unique ideas for wedding invitation cards.

A sweet invitation

Sweets and chocolates are a sign of happiness and celebration. Therefore, to make your event extra loving, you can send chocolate boxes along with the invitation. You can also write down the invitation for custom prepared boxes. The color of the box should be according to your wedding theme color.

This idea is expensive, but worth the expenditure. If you want to save some money, you can plan small boxes, having less capacity for chocolates. If you don’t want to put chocolates in the box and wish to put some traditional sweet or dessert, make sure the sweets don’t not get sticky and liquidy.

Royal feel

Every girl is her daddy’s little princess and her husband’s queen, so why not add some royal vibes to the wedding too? You can use a royal blue color or red color for your card and add fancy ribbons tied to it. The lettering of the card should be bold yet elegant. You can cover the invitation card in a luxurious box.

Handkerchief styled

Handkerchief style wedding invitation card is a perfect reflection for the tear of joy you will have at the wedding. The fabric can be cotton, or any other material which is cost-efficient as you are going to make a lot of wedding cards. The color of the card should be according to the wedding theme, but if you choose lighter color tones, they will look more elegant and graceful. The invitation write up should be dark-colored to enhance the overall look of the card.

Laser-cut invitation cards

Custom laser cut design is trending and is a pocket-friendly idea. These cards are all about creativity and artistic plans. Since they are custom-made invitation cards, you can choose any color design according to your taste. There are plenty of shapes available in these cards such as those resembling round, triangle, mountain, and heart.

Transparent cards

Transparent acrylic wedding invitation cards can give a simple yet bold look to your wedding invitations. You can do the lettering with any color, but white and black would look the best. If you want to make your invitation cards a little embellishing, you can have glittery borders to it.

Love story

Weddings are all about love and celebration, so why not tell your guests about your love story. Through your invitation card, you can create an illustrative picture of your love story with your beau or belle. You can plan a folded wedding invitation card in which you can make small portions, each telling some part of your love story. For example, you can add the date when the two of you met, when you started dating, the proposal date, etc. It will create a depiction of your relationship, and then the wedding cards can serve to be a lifelong memory for you and your future spouse.

Artistic illustration

Illustration cards are the new trend, where the card features the bride and groom, inviting people to their wedding. You can also add some beautiful scenery at the background of the card, or you can give floral prints to the card.

Passport cards

If you are a travel lover, then making your wedding card like a passport card seems to be the most exciting and outstanding wedding invitation card idea.

Wooden cards

If you don’t want to print your wedding cards on ordinary papers, then you can use different materials such as wood. It will be a little costly, but the idea will not fail to amaze your guests.

Wildlife love

Since the wedding card should be a glimpse of your personality, it should have all those things which you love and admire. You can design your wedding cards by using wildlife illustration ideas.


Calligraphy is an ancient writing style, but nowadays, modern calligraphy is ruling the artistic world. If you want elegantly beautiful lettering for your wedding card, then using the calligraphy writing style is the best choice. You can select any card or design for this purpose.

Add some glitters

A wedding consists of fancy dresses, makeup, styling, decoration, food, and wines, so why not add some extravagant touch to your wedding cards. Glittery sparkling wedding cards will give a great glamorous, attractive touch to the invitation.


A vintage wedding invitation card will give a cool and fresh look as these cards have beautiful colors like green, blue, gold, silver and white. Lovely calligraphy, watercolors, and the parchment paper make the overall look graceful.

Newspaper invitation

In the present era, no one reads a newspaper that frequently, but printing your wedding invitation card like a newspaper is undoubtedly one of the unique invitation ideas.

The card should have the same writing style, borders, color as do newspapers. You can add a picture of the bride and groom as well. If you think the newspaper idea is a little old fashioned, you can print your card as one resembling a social media trend with a hashtag.

Countdown wedding invitation

You can also prepare your wedding invitation card with a rotating invitation disc. The wedding card will be sent with a rotating disc of the current date. The card should have a countdown until the wedding date. This wedding card will be an actual countdown depicting the days left to the wedding.

Chef style invitation

If you belong to the restaurant-related profession or you are a foodie kind of a person, then you can design your wedding card resembling a food menu. You can also design a wedding card as a cutting board and write wedding details on it.

Clock style invitation

You can also develop your wedding card resembling a clock, which elaborates on different parts of the event. In the middle of the clock, you can write the details of the event and the name of the bride and the groom.

Floral invitation

Since ages, people have been using floral print on the invitation card, there’s nothing really new to it. The unique thing which you can do is sent a flower along with your invitation card to bring a smile on the faces of your guests.

Final thoughts

There is no hard and fast rule when you are planning your wedding card designs. For the most unique and creative execution of ideas, you must select the right place and the moments.

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