Top 8 Affordable Online Furniture Stores in Singapore

Identifying the perfect look for your home is the easy part. The difficult part lies in finding the right furniture pieces that will create the perfect look while staying within your budget. Whether you are moving into a new home, need new furniture pieces to replace damaged ones, or would simply want to revamp your rooms, it is crucial to find the right places where you can get the best furniture pieces. Styling and decorating homes have become easier than ever with the introduction of affordable online furniture stores in Singapore. Busy folks can now get the look they desire without the hassle of marching up and down the aisle of IKEA to find the perfect furniture. 

1. Online Furniture Stores – Primero

Scandinavian and minimalist interior design style patrons will surely love browsing and purchasing furniture pieces at Primero. With a wide array of furniture for every room, their designs are made to provide warmth and coziness to every home while guaranteeing that each furniture can last for a long time. Their designs feature clean and sleek pieces that can infinitely match your existing décor and style while still being able to stand out beautifully in their simplicity. | 9670 7516

2. Online Furniture Stores – Originals

Nature lovers will surely love and appreciate furniture pieces crafted by Originals. Inspired by twenty years of travelling the world, the designs of the pieces offered by this online furniture store have a distinct Nomadic touch. Featuring five collections of home, village, outdoor, India, and Tribe, the furniture pieces that they showcase are made with environmentally safe materials. They partner with small local businesses to ensure that the materials that are taken for their furniture are environment-friendly. Every piece of furniture from Originals exhibits a warm and rustic feel that can make your home look cosy and hospitable. While their pieces can match a wide array of interior design styles, homeowners who have a country or sea-inspired décor will surely love getting their new pieces from this online furniture store.  Originals have a showroom at Bukit Timah where customers can check their collections. | 6471 9918

3. Online Furniture Stores – Nook & Cranny

Nook & Cranny is another online furniture store in Singapore that carries pieces that you can use for your living room, bedroom, outdoor, and dining area. While they carry staple furniture pieces in various design styles, their site has a whole category dedicated to Chinese Antique pieces. In this category, customers can shop for various furniture and décor that exhibits the beauty of traditional Chinese design pieces including coffee tables, stools, and Chinese sideboards. Nook & Cranny is an online haven for Chinese design styles where you can always find bold and unique pieces which you can incorporate into your rooms and give them a touch of tradition. | 9383 11764. Online Furniture Stores – Bed and Basics

Working with designers from China, Japan, and Italy, Bed and Basics use the Japanese Manufacturing System in creating their pieces. This ensures meticulous workmanship in each of their pieces to create high-quality furniture that can last longer. They have a wide array of furniture categories ranging from bedroom pieces to office and outdoor essentials in different design styles that you can choose from. To make things even more interesting, they also offer flash sales and pre-order sales for a more affordable online shopping experience. | 6631 8500

5. Online Furniture Stores – Ethnicraft Online

The Ethnicraft online furniture store was founded by Philippe Delaisse, where his friend Benoit Loos eventually joined in. They are currently an international brand that has retailers in 50 countries which offers functional and contemporary collections of furniture for every type of home. They boast of being an active promoter of using earth-friendly materials that are made from teak and oak which can be seen in their pieces that exhibit the natural look of the materials used. For homeowners looking for an “ethnic” or natural touch to their homes, one can surely find something from Ethnicraft Online.

[email protected] | 9272 1545

6. Online Furniture Stores – Finn Avenue

If you have a penchant for traditional, Mid-century, or Victorian interior design styles, then Finn Avenue is the online furniture store that you should check out. With a wide array of luxury pieces that use imported materials from Spain, France, and Italy, your home will surely look more elegant and classy when you get your furniture from them. Even though the furniture sold on Finn Avenue are not that cheap, they are still affordable when compared to luxury furniture made by famous designers and those that can be found in physical stores. With this, you can still save more while getting luxury furniture for your home.

[email protected] | 6753 3466

7. Online Furniture Stores – Naiise

Naiise is an online store which started in September 2013. Currently, they have numerous pop-up stores in various locations in Singapore to enable customers to see their products and purchase them. With fun and quirky pieces that are great for young-at-hearts, Naiise offers more than 25,000 products that are not limited to furniture but decorations, pet accessories, and personal accessories as well. Their furniture pieces are great for urban, retro, minimalist, and contemporary interiors no matter if you are looking for a piece that can make your rooms pop out, an artistic setting for your living, classroom table for, a great Dining Table to enhance the aesthetics in your living or a creative classroom tables for schools or crutches. | 6266 8418

8. Online Furniture Stores – Home and Style

Founded in 2012, Home and Style boasts of furniture pieces that are made for modern and contemporary interior design styles. They have quirky and eccentric pieces that are perfect for young homeowners to make their living area and bedrooms look alive and enjoyable to live in. Since they feature products for the contemporary urban living, their bright and bold pieces can easily make each room brighter without the excess need for decorations. | 9710 3044

What are you waiting for? These affordable online furniture stores in Singapore will surely provide you with all the furniture pieces that you need for your home, no matter what type of interior design style you prefer. In addition, getting your furniture will let you save more while still having the best designer pieces that will make your home even more wonderful!

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