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The USA is one of those countries that are listed at the top in the list of the most visited countries each year. This proves the country to be a great host in terms of providing security, comfort, and some magnificent places to visit which are the best tourist destinations in the whole world. People who frequently visit USA might be aware of the country’s security standards that are hard to match with everyone’s personal choices. This is the main reason that while millions of people enter the US every year, a lot of them are still denied access to the country for not following the proper rules, regulations, and laws.

Visiting the US for the first time might sound like a terrifying idea but in reality, it is as amazing as becoming a pro at it because you’re now about to enter into a different world with multiple cultures and religions from all over the world. Therefore, if someone gets lucky to visit the US for the first time, then it is important for them to understand some basic as well advanced realities about the place in order to survive happily and make the visit worth it.


Visitors who wish to visit the US for business, travelling, enjoyment or some medical reasons are supposed to obtain a visa first from ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is a system for US’s visa processes according to which the visitors might be accepted or rejected based on some serious basis. Adding more to it, along with ESTA there is also VWP i.e. the Visa Waiver Program that allows the US visitors to travel to the country without any visa application approval.

Both the programs, ESTA and VWP, are interconnected in reference to the visa rejection/approval and not having to apply for one if the ESTA approves the visitor’s VWP request.

The Visa Criteria for the USA

Visa criteria for the US are as follows:

  1. The visitor should have an unexpired passport made, even if it’s a newborn child.
  2. If the visitor has been approved by ESTA for the VWP then there is no need to wait for the visa application’s approval.
  3. The ESTA program affiliated with VWP allows only 90 days of the stay in the country without a visa.
  4. The temporary visitors should not have a single reason to permanently stay in the country such as siblings, job, parents etc. otherwise the visa will be rejected right away.
  5. Similarly, not every country rejected by the ETSA is non-eligible for the VWP because there are certain details attached to it that will be discussed later.

Informative tips for the international travellers to the USA

  • The expiry date on the passport should be more than 6 months beyond the visiting date.
  • Do not carry excessive medicines in the luggage.
  • Any kind of the violence –encouraging tools is strictly prohibited from taking to the US.
  • Get the correct list of the VWP countries approved by ETSA.
  • After that, make sure to avail the facility by applying for the VWP and wait for the approval after at least 72 hours.
  • The customs laws, rules, and regulations at the local and international airport remain the same for the VWP and non-VWP users.
  • Some nationalities do not apply to the VWP or non-VWP rule because of the near-to-border location such as Mexico.
  • The BCC, border crossing card, should fulfil all the basic and advanced requirements of the country’s local laws.
  • You can hire a professional travel agent for completing the documentation and get done with the visa requirements.

Things to know about the USA before visiting

1. The amazing National Parks:

The National Parks in the US are quite famous for being extravagantly beautiful, natural, and filled some thrilling fun activities to keep the visitors engaged. Most of the time the local residents and the visitors hang out in the parks for BBQ and other water games in the lakes nearby.

2. The food diversity:

The food diversity in the US is huge. This is also one of the attractions for the visitors that they get to taste different types of the food from Thai to continental and Chinese etc.

3. Different traffic rules:

The traffic rules in the US are different from the other countries when it comes to following the red signal, free right, over-taking, horn honking, or speed control. Although some people say that traffic is quite rough in the US, it is still manageable and controllable the by the authorities.

4. Tax exclusive:

Everything in the US, except for petrol, is exclusive of tax when the prices are mentioned on it. Be it food or shopping, a tax will be applied at the check-out counter.

5. Travelling with pets:

Here are some of the requirements of the US’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service:

  • The cats and dogs are inspected at the airport for any diseases, especially rabies.
  • Monkeys are strictly not allowed for entering the US with their owners.
  • Fish or aquarium can be taken to the US only for personal use. For commercial purpose, a signed permission letter from the concerned authorities is required to be taken along.
  • Other animals such as hamsters and rabbits etc. are allowed to enter the US only if they are found of free of allergies or diseases.

6. Carrying medicines:

The medicines that the visitor is carrying should be there along with the doctor’s prescription otherwise, they will be thrown out that very instant because of the fear of drugs possibility. To know more click through the following article Traveling to the US with Medications and Specific Health Problems

Some other essential concerns

  • Try to stick to a couple of the states to explore the culture and beautiful locations.
  • Giving tip to the service providers is a common trend in the US.
  • Smoking cannot be done anywhere.
  • Punctuality is also considered to be a kind gesture from the visitors.
  • Traffic rules should be strictly followed.

Visiting the US for the first time desperately need some high-end and relevant information for people who are afraid to break the laws and also the strict visa policies. ESTA, VWP, and visa approval/rejection should be thoroughly read about by the people who wish to visit the US and apply for it with the correct documents needed.

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