How To Make Sure You Pick Out The Best Quality Rose Wine

Its summertime and wine is the name of the game. It’s going to make your nerves get at ease. You need the best experience, and rose wine is the best way to go. You need a perfect wine to give to your granny for hitting 80. You need the best wine to appreciate your wife for making you look younger. Others will need it to spice up things when making it to their women. 

The Rose Wine Guide

The trick lies in choosing the best rose wine. How do you go about it? Well, it’s not that complicated. You need the right tips and tricks. Here is a guide for Rosé wine to help you choose the best one for this summer.  

Choose From A Reputable Region

Wine regions can be quite tricky, especially now that the wine industry is rapidly growing and changing. And the best way to go about it is to start with tried-and-true regions such as Oregon, California, Provence, Northern Spain, as well as Bordeaux.

Nearly all red-wine-producing regions make rose wine, so if you’re a fan of a certain region’s red wine, you may want to try out their rose wine too. For instance, if you love Spanish tempranillo, don’t hesitate trying out their rose wine. It’s tasty, unique, and refreshing. Plus, it’s affordable and exists in numerous varieties.

Always Go For The Most Recent Vintage

Though there are few exceptions, you should always drink rose when it’s as fresh as possible. Buy the latest vintage and enjoy a true “high”. By going for the latest brand, you’ll be enjoying a more sophisticated blend. You don’t want the olden vintage, right? Then consider staying up to date with your choices.

Check If The Wine Is Sweet Or Dry

The ABV (alcohol by volume) on the label is very important. Anything greater than 11 per cent is dry. The lower the ABV value, the sweeter the rose wine. Old-world regions like Italy, France, and Spain tend to be crisp and sour compared to new-world regions like Australia, and the USA, which are fruitier and sweeter. Don’t be quick to purchase anything, instead, you should only make sure that you’re purchasing a brand that quenches your taste. Besides, it should be of high-quality and fulfilling.

Colour And Aroma: Does It Match Your Preference?

Darker rose colours can have a richer mouth-feel and can be quite fruitier than the pale colours. You want appetizing aroma, right? The rose wine you choose should always smell and test fresh. Remember, it should do so even at room temperature. And this is an incredible stress test for both whites as well as roses.

Settle For Your Favorite Grape

Red wine grape can always be made into rose wine. And the main ingredient of rose will be prominent in both flavours. Pinot Noir rose often features red fruit flavours such as cherries and berries whereas cabernet-based rose will always have more black fruit aromas such as blackberries and black plums.

Depending on your personal preference, you’ll always find the best grape variety. Go for what you love and enjoy most. Whether it’s Pinot Noir or Cabernet rose wine that you love, don’t hesitate to pick your favourite drink.

Does The Wine Have A Good Sense of Balance?

Good rose wine features crisp acidity and a slight hint of tannin. As long as the wine you choose has sufficient acidity and little residual sugar, which acts as an enhancer of the fruit flavours. Slightly sweeter roses tend to work well, but it all depends on the level of acidity.

The wine you purchase should contain moderate levels of acidity. It should be tasty and able to quench your craving. Just like food, the wine you drink must be well-brewed and feature high-quality ingredients.

Grape variety

Grenache features full-fruited berry as well as cherry notes in addition to thin skins. And this is what makes it one of the most popular ingredients for rose wines. It shines with fruit flavour and gets more backbone from Cinsault, Tempranillo, Syrah, as well as Mourvedre.

At times, white grapes are added to achieve extra freshness and acidity. Rolle also referred to as Vermentino is delicious and lovely to look at. With Carmenere rose, you may get the distinctive leafiness of this variety and with the Cabernet Sauvignon rose, you’ll get even more backbone.

Available Appellations

You can always choose from Chinon Rose and Sancerre Rose. These are the most common appellations and you can readily find someone to hand-sell. Go for your preferred brand title and enjoy a world-class drink.

The Popularity

Settle for a brand that’s popular and familiar amongst many people. Pinot Grigio, for instance, is widely known and used. Certain Pinot Grigio wines feature macerated pink skins while other blends have some red grapes. However, it’s important to note that the mixing of red plus white wine to form a rose is only allowed in champagne and completely verboten for any other type of European wine.

The Wine’s Theme

If you predominantly serve non-French foods, there’s no need to have Provencal rose. Instead, you could opt for Chiaretto, Italy’s pink wine made from the Veneto, or Navarra for tapas. You could as well consider Malbec rose for prawn starters or Istrian rose for curious hipsters.

For the Asian spice, off-dry Pinot Noir could work perfectly. Whatever your preferred taste is, make sure to always keep within your theme. Both classic, as well as unusual choices, abound.


Your summertime deserves a treat. It deserves the best. Remember, it’s something you have waited for long. So, make it count. And it starts with getting the best rose wine. It’s also important to note that the internet is filled with a lot of rose wine vendors. So, spotting the best one can be a challenge—especially for beginners. Fortunately, don’t freak if you are a beginner. Above are some of the tips you need to land the best rose wine on the market. 

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