Villa Paradise Getaway At Vilu Reef Resort In Maldives Part 2

Hello again! Hope you have enjoyed Villa Paradise Getaway At Vilureef Resort In Maldives Part 1 where I shared my personal journey to the island paradise. Me & my sisters were really privileged to be invited as a guest to Vilureef and had the chance to learn more about Maldives and experience life like a local. The previous post ended at our resort check in. Now follow me to check out Vilureef Resort’s Beach Villas, Presidential Suites and resort activities.

Vilureef Resort Beach Villa – Spacious & Romantic

We put up at the beach villa for the first night as the presidential suite that we were supposed to stay in was not ready. Good thing for us, we got to experience two types of rooms! Our hearts were pounding with anticipation as we wait to see what lies beyond the door! Sidetrack, the door is opened by our butler, who is very passionate about his service. We were very entertained by his casual and can-do attitude throughout our stay.

Vilureef Beach Villa Door - AspirantSG

We were in awe when we saw the interior of the dome-shaped villa! We love the chic orange themed modern interior in a circular shaped room.

Vilureef Beach Villa Bed - AspirantSG

A romantic couch that serves as an extra bed to the left of the twin bed. Perfect for three to share a room!

Vilureef Beach Resort Couch - AspirantSG

A dedicated dressing room for our bags! So spacious and organised! You can hang all the beach dresses in the world!

Vilu Reef Resort Closet Space - AspirantSG

You are spoilt for choices even with the shower options! You can have it outdoors, within an enclosed glass compartment or ….

Vilu Reef Resort Shower Options - AspirantSG

soak for hours in the bath tub! No fighting over showers! Our favourite feature! Yay!

Vilu Reef Resort Bath Tub - AspirantSG

And another door in the same room opens out to…

Vilu Reef Resort Room Exits - AspirantSG

… a private pool with a clear view of the beach & ocean! Oh… what more can you ask for?

Pic 27

The next morning, I was up early and took a stroll along the beach. I enjoyed a feeling of peace and calm… I forgot what is Singapore… by the way the ‘reefs’ that you see ahead is meant to block out dolphins from the beach.

Maldives Reefs - AspirantSG

Taken just above the water surface. Feels like looking at an aquarium without the glass panels!

Vilu Reef Live Reef - AspirantSG

The bright green fishes! I should have brought a net to get them!

Fishes In Maldives Reefs - AspirantSG

Our sumptuous breakfast and get-fat time before moving to the presidential suite… LOL

Breakfast At Vile Reef Resort Maldives

The Presidential Suite – Pampered In The Sweet Embrace Of The Ocean

Finally… we are on our way to the long-awaited Presidential Suite! The whole stretch of water villas including honeymoon suites, with the presidential suite furthest out into the sea… such a long walk… but with a good reward!

Road To Vilu Reef Presidential Suite - AspirantSG

Finally at the door! Uh-hum… like a boss… *drum rolls* this might be the only time in my life that I get to experience a PRESIDENTIAL SUITE!

Presidential Suite

The mini kitchen… we thought that was a washing machine but it was an oven… haha

Vilu Reef Resort Private Kitchen - AspirantSG

The main hall… too dark in contrast to the bright sun outside! There are two rooms to the right and left of the hall, with the master bed room on the right.

 Presidential Suite Vilu Reef Resort - AspirantSG

The master bedroom with a view of the sea just outside. Be greeted by the sun and sea every morning!

Vilu Reef Resort Bedroom - AspirantSG

Here’s how the other room look. Totally awed by the nice setup and intricate furniture. No worries, no mosquitoes at night, fully air – conditioned and comfortable!

Vilu Reef Resort Bedrooms - AspirantSG

Step out from our room to the private jacuzzi pool! Hey wait, let me show you what is beyond that white tent…

Vilu Reef Resort Private Jacuzzi - AspirantSG

… and direct access to the bright green sea! You should have your snorkelling gear ready at this point! We tried to go snorkelling, the view was pretty but the water got a bit rough in the last two days, a pity we did not get to see much.

Vilu Reef Resort Presidential Suite Sea View - AspirantSG

Back to the room… connected to the dressing room. This is the cupboard, feels like royalty. The soles of the slippers print VILUREEF on the sandy paths throughout the resort! So interesting!

Pic 40

Another highlight, the bathroom… not the toilet bowl… look at the light at the right hand corner…

Pic 41

.. there you go! A view of the sea! With a potted plant in case you get so attracted that you lose balance and fall out! Watch out for peeping nemos!

Pic 42

Summing up with a close up view from the bathroom… I can stand here all day… oh I miss Maldives!

Pic 43

Activities to do at Vilureef

Honestly, I did not take much photos of the activities we did as I was too busy enjoying myself LOL. There is the regular resort services like massage and spa but the sea and marine life kept me busy enough. Hence, I did not try the massage and spa. Afterall, you are there for the sea right?

1. Scuba diving

My most anticipated activity of the trip! I have always enjoyed snorkelling but always wondered what is there closer to the seabed! This time round, I managed to have my virgin experience at scuba diving!

We had to watch a 30-min video about how to use the gear and breathe and clear the mask etc. If you are used to snorkelling, this should not be a challenge for you. The cost of this is about USD190 for a 60-minute session in the water, guided by the dive instructor. 

Diving In Maldives - AspirantSG
Notice I was hunching from the weight of the tank. Excited but was thinking… are we there yet?!

We went about 3m deep at most and I struggled with the gear initially. I had to wear weights and felt very uncomfortable carrying an oxygen tank that rest against my tailbone. However, the experience was worth it when I stepped into the water!

Diving Into Maldives Waters - AspirantSG
Unglam pic of me struggling with my fins and I pissed my sisters off. =X thankfully they did not give up on me! Thank you Juan and Fen!

Group shot after we managed to struggle and balance to get into position! So hard to keep in position! This is the best shot we have where 3 of us manage to look almost same level and strike a pose with our hands!

Group Dive Photo in Maldives - AspirantSG 

Taken in the water, visibility was not so good but we managed to see some colourful fishes and corals.

Pic 47

Taken in the deeper waters when Juan went diving the next day. She is certified and dived into almost 30m! The visibility is better and she saw a sea turtle.

Deep Sea Diving Maldives - AspirantSG

2. Snorkelling

This is a must try! Although you can see the corals from the shallow beach near the beach villas, you should take a look at the fishes in the water! Erm, sorry I am not good with the names of the fishes except Nemo but I saw dark green and light green coloured fishes!

3. Night fishing

A very interesting maiden experience! Basking in the sea breeze and enjoying the lovely sunset on the upper deck as we sail out for the fishes. On the way back we were looking at stars… heavenly experience.

Pic 49 

We went night fishing in a boat on two nights and I got totally addicted to it, the thrill of feeling a tug on your fishing rod and pulling up to see if you have got a catch! Check out the fishing rod with the bait! Ready for the challenge!

Pic 50

Juan’s big catch of the night. She struggled to pull the big fish out of the water which was still flapping and struggling.

Pic 51

Catch of the night for bbq dinner.

Pic 52

4. Do nothing

We spent most of the early afternoons chilling in the bar as it was too hot to do anything! Doing nothing is also an activity, how often do you get to sit around and do nothing and not be scolded for bumming around? This is how holidays should be defined, isn’t it!

Contact details

Yes, I have been silent about the price tag all along. It is not cheap, but definitely worth an experience. I was so fascinated I teared when I left the resort!

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