Fourteen Trendiest Short Haircuts for Women in 2018

Short haircuts for women have been famous for some decades now. These awesome haircuts have made a comeback, and this time they are chic and sophisticated. They are currently unique in their edgier style and versatility. Short hairstyles for women incorporate different shades, dimension, and shape, and so they can be pulled off by any woman who wants something new and trending. We have collected a list of new and trendiest short haircuts for women that you will find beautiful and eye-appealing. Take a look.

1. Understated Blonde Bob With Highlights

The short haircuts for women are different from what they used to be some years ago.  This trendy blonde has remained the same though, slightly changing into a subtle blonde hue with highlights. Besides, it is understated and appears quite adorable and fashionable.

2. Tousled Blonde Bob

Maintaining the trimmings of your haircut irregular with short, blunt edges and elongated locks give you a stunning haircut fool of personality. The best way to create it is in a laidback, tousled updo. Do not bring in heat tools when styling your hair for this look. Retain the natural hair texture and dimension and complete the look with bed head styling spray.

3. Inverted Grey Balayage Bob With Overlapped Layers

When looking for a beautiful and stylish bob, don’t wander so much but choose this inverted bob haircut incorporating overlapping layers. The undercut is created at the nape region to bring out the angle. The silver and grey balayage enhance the flair that maintains this cut looking youthful and modern forever. Why not sport this haircut for your homecoming party?

4. Dynamic Choppy Bob

This short trimmed bob is a fabulous hairstyle idea for any lady who is conversant in styling short bobs. The mid-length tousled haircut looks excellent in women with straight hair, and it is effortless to maintain using large round brush and texturizing hair product. The side-parting of this style takes it to a new level. The bangs are comb-over, and this makes it even prettier. Hold the bangs and tuck them behind your ear, and direct the wave to the lips, giving them a perfect highlight.

5. Burgundy Bob with Highlights

Short haircuts for women give them an opportunity to play with and experiment with many colour shades and textures. When the hair is short, but not too short, it is sassy and eye-appealing. Match caramel with burgundy, silver and the golden blonde, or any interesting combo that you prefer most. With your short hair, it becomes more comfortable to wear even boldest hues, and it is not prone to damage as is the case with long hair.

6. Inverted Bob with Cute Highlights

Two colour highlights is an intricate approach of enhancing any short bob haircut for women. A smooth straight style is suitable if you want to bring out this haircut and dye since it offers skillful hair staking and understated colouring.

7. Soft Brown Bob with Caramel Highlights

If you like short haircuts for women, but you are not sure which short haircut is ideal for your thick and straight hair, we advise you to go for this round-shaped bob which incorporates side swept bangs. Leaving some height at the back and some pieces at the sides that cascades to the shoulders make this caramel-hued balayage hair chic, sophisticated and classy.

8. Beautiful Blonde Bob

When you are planning to have a bob, you may or may not think about a bob that includes a shaggy razor-haircut with free waves. However, this kind of bob style does exist. It is textured, choppy and emphasizes the special texture of your hair while offering a bit of length at the front.

9. Undercut For Blonde Bobs

Only skilled and savviest hair stylists have the precision to style an undercut bob correctly. With this undercut bob, the locks are manipulated to cascade naturally into a tucked cute style. This approach is beautifully displayed on long and straight blonde strands that can sometimes be challenging to maintain.

10. Classy Messy Brunette Bob

If you want your thick and curly chocolate locks to appear beautiful, try this on side-parted messy bob. Pull it off tousled for sporty and relaxed ‘weekend fun’ or opt to comb it for a more classic and conservative ‘Monday at your office.’ The elongated side tresses are styled forward giving the face a natural frame.

11. Dishevelled Chocolate Blonde Bob

This short haircut for women has a fascinating way of giving you that Hollywood starlet look. Go for the comb-over style, and let the side-swept bangs flatter subtly over the left eye. The tips are further angled sharply downward, in line to the jawline to draw more attention to your cute neck

12. Beautiful Piece-Y Blonde Bob

We like advocating for fascinating and unique short haircuts for women, and that is why we chose to show you this piece-y, side-parted irregular cut. Curly hair around the head together with the metallic blonde hints add a lot of depth to this hairstyle. The swoopy extended bangs flow to the cheeks bringing out a beautiful peek-a-boo.

13. Messy Chestnut Brown Bob for Women with Straight Hair

Are you the kind of woman who sees herself pulling off beautiful centre-parted long straight bob? In case you love geometric appearances, we strongly recommend this hairstyle for you. It is very versatile, and you can wear it either fluffy, flat or tousled. The dark brown roots have a reddish tone that appears brighter just as a chestnut tint in the sun.

14. Short Choppy Brown Bob

Extremely short bob haircuts with enhanced height at the back work correctly to make the long appear longer. Sleek waves can be attained using big rollers, offering the texture and volume that also aids to lift bring out a full shape to the haircut. Tuck some tresses behind your ear and leave the other side free to frame the face.

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