Where To Visit For Holiday When Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids can be a nightmare or a heaven-on-earth experience depending on what you do with them when travelling. The trick is to look for something that will keep them engaged with lots of fun and yet not bore you to death. This article tells you all you need to know about travelling with kids in Singapore.

1. Visit the Singapore Zoo

The Orangutans at the Singapore zoo are such a delight. You can plan your day to start with a quick breakfast at the zoo. Do not worry about the food because it is a buffet which means your kids will choose their favourite foods. Since the Orangutans are so friendly and cordial, you will get lots of great family photo opportunities.

2. Jacob Ballas Children’s garden

The forest at the Jacob Ballas Children’s garden is an unforgettable treat for your kids. Your kids will without a doubt have lots of fun at the orchard and the entire farm in general. The garden also has the very first suspension bridge in Asia that is specifically made for children. The little ones will also find the tree house exciting.

3. Admiralty Park

The admiralty park has a total of 26 slides that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end. They even have a no-barrier playground to allow everyone to play there. If the kids lose interest or get tired of the slides, you can take a hike on the largest nature reserve in an urban park setting. There are lots of monkeys in this reserve so your kids will most likely have lots of fun mimicking them.

4. Farmarts animal corner

All kids love bunnies, and you can treat them to an unforgettable experience of feeding bunnies at the farmarts animal corner. Other animals they can feed at this park are gruff goats, rambunctious rabbits, and even catfish. This visit will help your kids to connect with nature and have farm experience and is especially suitable for kids that have never been on a farm.

5. 4D Adventure Land

The virtual roller coasters at 4DadventureLand will give your kids a thrill like no other. Apart from riding on a virtual roller coaster, you can enjoy watching a 4-D movie. You can then finish the day by taking a virtual cable car ride. This is an all-family fun experience so everyone will enjoy the treat.

6. Keppel Centre for Art Education

If your kids have taken an early interest in the arts, then the Keppel centre for art education is a must-see. Here, they will get to explore the significance of light and shapes in the creation of different pieces of art and art forms. You will also get the chance of exploring the various works of Southeast Asian artists but the highlight of the day will be when the kids get to make their very own painting based on what they will have learned.

7. Universal Studios

Universal studios is arguably the best theme park for family fun in Singapore. This amusement park features 24 thrilling rides that will leave your kids begging for more. If you were to choose only two rides from the 24, go for the Transformers 3D ride and mummy roller coaster. Even if you do not care for the adrenaline rush of roller coasters, just walking around the park is a treat in itself because you will encounter movie magic all around you. The park opens at O900hrs and closes at 1800hrs, so you will have all day to sample what the park has to offer.

So there you have it — the top 7 places that you must visit in Singapore when travelling with kids. Remember to take lots of pictures to share with friends and family!

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