5 Places You Must Visit In Spain For Your Next Holiday

Spain is one of the most beautiful European countries and a favourite with backpackers visiting the continent. A beautiful countryside criss-crossed by scenic highways, charming cities on the Mediterranean coast and a diverse culture shaped by hundreds of years of native and foreign rule, Spain have endless unforgettable experiences to offer to visitors. If you are looking for the Best Guided Tours Of Spain, here are the places you can visit in Spain.

1. Valencia

The most important city in the eastern part of Spain, Valencia is an important cultural centre. The City of Arts and Science, a huge architecturally brilliant complex that houses libraries, aquariums, a planetarium and art displays, is one of the best things you will see in the city. The Fallas festival is another signature Valencia attraction when locals make figures out of papier-mache representative of all Valencia neighbourhoods for display. At the end of the festival, these figures are burnt in a huge ceremony, followed by late night parties throughout the city.

2. Seville

The capital of Andalusia, Seville is an important cultural and financial centre. It is littered with historic buildings dating back hundreds of years – the Cathedral of Seville is a beautiful church believed to be the burial site of Christopher Columbus, while the Real Alcazar dates back to the Moorish period with its distinctive fusion architecture. Besides the historical attractions, Seville is also popular for its buzzing nightlife and extravagant festivals.

3. Madrid

Spain’s capital and the largest city in the Iberian peninsula, Madrid is a melting pot of sorts, home to a diverse population that is reflected in its culture and food. Besides the amazing nightlife, Madrid is also known for its architectural marvels – the gorgeous Royal Palace that is the official residence of Spain’s monarch, the Puerta del Sol central plaza which is the cultural district of Madrid and home to all its festivals and concerts, and the San Miguel Market.

4. Barcelona

Spain’s truly European city, Barcelona has everything you would want to see as a tourist. It’s brilliant festivals, pulsing nightlife, a peculiar Catalonian cuisine and architectural marvels dating back centuries make it one of the most attractive places to visit in Spain. Antoni Gaudi’s most important masterpieces, the Sagrada Familia Church and the Casa Batllo, are must-visits, as is Barceloneta, the metro’s most popular public beaches along the Mediterranean.

5. Spanish Islands

The Spanish islands of the Mediterranean have managed to maintain a character that is different from that of mainland Spain. There are two groups of Spanish islands – the Balearic islands include Mallorca, the largest Spanish island and an important centre for art and culture, and Ibiza which is a popular party destination. The other groups of islands are the Canaries, known for a mild climate, beautiful beaches and curious natural sights such as the Teide volcano and the Gran Canaria.

These places to visit in Spain offer a dynamic view of the country that defines itself through its art, culture and food, with every region having its very own distinct flavour. So if you are looking for a relaxing and warm European vacation where beaches and nightclubs mix naturally with museums and historic buildings, visit Spain now for the vacation of a lifetime.

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