Three Great Ways to Share Your Travel Adventures

Travelling can be an awesome adventure. You get to explore other lands, see unusual animals in their exotic habitats, and experience worldly cultures. More and more people are travelling these days. I’m not talking about business travelling, where the only purpose is to go overseas and close a deal. No, I’m talking about for recreational purposes; vacationing, participating, living life. How to share your travel adventures you ask? Read on! 

Not everyone is fortunate to interact with these cultures or participate in activities abroad. There are also those who have never considered travelling outside of their hometowns or states. Because of this, you owe it to everyone who falls into these categories to share your adventures in these foreign lands. For those who do not get to experience the terrain, the cities, or the people of another country, but would love the opportunity to do so, help them learn about the areas they are interested in.

You owe it to the ones who do not want to travel or do so only for business purposes. You can show them what they are missing out on; what they could be doing if they thought about it. These are people who are afraid to step out of their comfort zones or are too preoccupied with work to focus on themselves. Show them there is more to life than sitting on the couch or in meetings.

1. A Video Diary

A video diary is a great way to share your adventures overseas. Record your trips to famous landmarks and cultural-specific locations. You can post these videos on your own website or on a video streaming service. Also, record yourself after these events discussing what you did and how you felt doing them. Share some information about the animals and people, the history of the region and the significance of a statue.

Your audience will want to hear it from you. Talk about what interested you about the country that drew you to it. Record yourself with the site in the background so viewers can get a sense of where you are, and to show that you were actually there.

Record your entire trip, as much as possible. Try to post a video at least once a day; more often if your itinerary allows for it. Even if you do not use footage immediately, you can post additional content once you get back home. You could even save them for the following year. Post them as a look back at your trip.

However, you decide to post your video diary, remember to make your posts interesting and understandable. Everyone has an accent and a set of words they prefer to use. When monologuing a message in a video, you will have to remember who you are targeting to view your video diary. You will want to enunciate words to where the majority of the world can understand (since the Internet is global), and try to use words that are not region-specific (this can be difficult if you know little to nothing about other cultures). Do not use slang words or half words.

2. A Blog

A blog is like a diary. Just like the video diary, you can share your travels online by writing a blog. Instead of using videos and recording your thoughts into a camera, you are using the written word to describe your experiences.

You do not have to be a great writer to maintain a blog. You simply need to be able to communicate clearly your thoughts about the environment you are in or the people you meet. Great writers will provide wonderfully engaging posts that add to the allure of the country; you can reach this level by starting at the beginning. Improve your writing talent by blogging.

Visitors to your website will be entertained and in awe of where you have travelled and what you have done, but they will be enthusiastic once they see photos attached. Take plenty of pictures and add them to your blogs. Give your readers a taste of what they are missing. Not only that but by including a photo in your blog, you can visually detail what your words are unable to (at least at first).

3. A Scrapbook

This is going to require a lot of photos. Scrapbooking your adventure will give you additional enjoyment once you have returned from your travels (or during, if you have brought your supplies with you). You will get to design each page of the scrapbook to your liking.

The layout of each photo on a page, the stickers you want to add, the borders you decide to place around pics; they are all under your creative control. You can even add glitter, lots and lots of glitters, to the pages if you wish. Place your scrapbook for friends to see when they come over; share with them the adventure you had, and the one they could be having if they broke out of their comfort zone.

If you prefer to not sneeze glitter for the next five months (the stuff never goes away…), you can create a scrapbook digitally. There are several websites (Shutterfly, Snapfish) that allow you to build your scrapbook online.

You can insert as many pages and images as you would like, place stickers into your layout, and sparkle it up with digital glitter. There are a lot of fonts available as well to customize your pages. You can purchase these and place them on the coffee table for easy viewing. You can upload your online scrapbook pages to your blog, giving further visual enjoyment to your readers.

If your friends see the work you have put into any of these three options, they will be more inclined to join the millions of travellers that tour the world each year. You may convince a sibling to visit the cities of medieval Europe, or a coworker to get away to the Caribbean, or a boss (yes, bosses keep up with your personal sites) to tour the Asian countryside while they are there on business.

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