How To Plan Your Trip For Shopping In New York City

You may be a newcomer to New York City and you are wondering how and where to do your shopping. Or maybe you are a tourist and you want to have the ultimate shopping experience when you land in town. Whatever your reasons, you need to have a guide that will lead your shopping experience in New York. Remember that New York is a very large city and there are numerous shopping places. If you are visiting, you need to know the best ones so that you could get the best from your one week stay in this city.

New York is known for its world-renowned shopping centres and is sure to have the best shopping experience in your life. The city has five boroughs so your shopping habits will depend on where you are going to stay. Whether it is fashion or artifacts there is a place to shop for anything in New York. Here is the must stop shopping joints for you when you need a national car rental in New York City.

1. Shop at Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the largest department stores in the world and the largest in America. It stocks anything you can ever imagine be it shoes, food, clothes. With a whopping 10 floors of stock, the store has enough for everyone. What is more rewarding being that tourists are given 10% discount on their first purchase? You just have to give proof that you are touring and the discount is yours.

2. The Brooklyn Flea Market

Another great shopping stop in New York is the Brooklyn Flea Market. The Brooklyn Flea Market is one of the best places to shop for vintage goods and artisanal objects. It is one of the largest and has a wide collection for you to select from. Some of the goods are as old as a hundred years. You should walk around and I am very sure that you cannot miss something you like from the big collection of vintage goods.

3. The Fifth Avenue

The fifth avenue is a street in New York City which has a number of great shopping stores. The phrase “shop till you drop” is common when you are shopping in Fifth Avenue due to the numerous shopping joints which will leave you to be spoilt for choice. Tiffany & Co is the ultimate gift shop if you need to grab some jewellery and gifts for your loved ones. Bergdorf Goodman is another great stop for your clothing needs. The Apple store on the fifth avenue opens for seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day if you are craving for that new iPhone or IPad.

4. Bedford Avenue

Bedford Avenue is the longest street in New York City and there are a lot of thrift shops from which you can shop for a lot of unique collections. Williamsburg is known as the hipster heaven and you will find everything “hipster” in the numerous shops along this street. Located in the Brooklyn borough, there are several shops you can visit to quench your hipster collection thirst. The thing to note is that shops in this street tend to open rather late and do not visit any time before 11 am or you will wait.

5. Head Over to SoHo

SoHo refers to the place South of Houston Street. The area is full of shops selling the best designer clothes and vintage antiques. You will need to have enough cash when visiting this place as you are going to be spoilt for choice over the large collection of beautiful goods you will come across. There are endless collections of art galleries on display and some of them are up for sale. You can grab a nice piece to offer marvellous display on your wall and you may have something to sell in the future.

6. Try The Fao Schwarz Toy Store

Fao Schwarz is the oldest toy store in America and you can be sure to find the best toys the world has to offer. Although it is yet to reopen in New York, it is a must visit whenever it reopens later this year. From unique high-end toys to greatly designed stuffed animals, you have everything that a kid would want in one roof. The store closed three years ago but it is planning to make a comeback and they are promising to offer customers even a better shopping experience.

7. Century 21

Are you into designer clothes, handbags, shoes and suits? Century 21 is the ultimate place to shop for that. The store offers an inexhaustible collection of the best designer goods at the best prices. The prices are some of the lowest you will see for designer goods. Make sure to visit this store whenever you land in New York.

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