How To Find Time For Traveling While Being A Student

Joline Godfrey had it right when she stated, “All work and no play doesn’t just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation and invention.” As much as studying, writing an essay and scoring high grades is pertinent to your academic journey, taking a break once in a while is also important in order to rejuvenate your body and mind. 

It can be difficult for a student to find time to travel especially with their restrictive time schedule when trying to juggle between doing house chores, internships, summer school classes, summer full-time jobs, studying abroad, catching up with old friends and relatives and doing research for their holiday assignments. However tempting it may be to get ahead during summer break, students should be taking a real break during summer holidays instead. What students really need to focus on is taking a break from the usual work and academic stress.

Let’s try Pokemon Go in Singapore

Singapore is a small country situated on a small island in Southeast Asia. Renowned for being the greenest city in Asia with over 50% green cover, it is no wonder why Asia was the main inspiration for Avatar movies. With approximately 5 million people, Singapore has a fusion of 3 rich cultures Chinese, Malay and Indian, hence its food and fashion are unmatched worldwide. Moreover, it has over 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves. Go on a shopping spree, wine, dine and play at Thompson Plaza, and even go on a Pokemon hunt around town on their complimentary shuttle services.

While people who visit Singapore go for various reasons, either for their exotic foods, an assortment of ethnic jewellery, textiles and antiques, education, arts and culture, or fascinating night-life, one thing for sure is that the experience there is world-class. There are several engaging and leisure activities in Singapore that can help take your mind off stress and help you relax.

Every year they host Singapore Night Festival, a deserving treat for someone who wants to get away from all the stress for that moment. The festival is lined up with outstanding performances and titillating installations, lighting the night with new creativity highlighting people from different disciplines and backgrounds. Singapore is also regarded as an arts hub in Southeast Asia which can also serve as inspiration for your school paper projects.

Aside from going on vacations, you can sign up for a student exchange program in Singapore. They rely mainly on high academic standards, trade and innovation in order to sustain their economy since they are a relatively small county with limited natural resources. Their regard for high academic standards drives competitiveness in some Singaporean Universities. This way, students who feel they need to do more school work to up their academic scores, as well as bulk up their resumes, can get to travel and experience a different culture and way of living.

The only way you can enjoy your trip to Singapore to the fullest is by ensuring all your academic holiday assignments are handled beforehand. Students not pressured by term papers or midterms are more open to exploring personal interests such as sports, dancing, comfort design reading a book that has gathered dust on the shelf waiting to be read. You can get term paper help online to write your term papers, hence creating more time for you to venture into your other passions. Pursuing your hobbies out of your own free will and on your own time can be extremely worthwhile as opposed to the usual planned regime of internships and classes. Such projects will stand-out on your resumes as they exude the individual’s interest and true passion.

As weird as it may seem, students taking time off to focus on themselves, work on personal projects or passion, or just simply lean back and relax during summer break would benefit them more. Relaxation allows students to recharge for the next term thereby enabling them to be more proactive and productive comes the next fall quarter. A summer holiday should be just that, ‘Holiday’.

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