10 Ways To Save Electricity & Money With Renewable Energy

Fuel and energy in the UK are becoming more expensive. The price of electricity is also creeping up. Therefore, it’s time to offer some useful tips for conserving electrical energy and money using renewable energy sources. The cheapest energy is one that you should not buy. Consider any of the options offered to switch to “green” energy. Many of the products you can buy in our online store.

1. Heat Your Office With Environmentally Friendly Renewable Biofuels

If you are drowning with oil, think about switching to biodiesel. Prices for diesel oil will grow, so soon biodiesel will become competitive. At the same time, it is the cleaner fuel that our agriculture produces. If you grow rape, you can use rapeseed oil to heat the houses. Soon there will be suppliers of fuel, which offer mixed fuel (diesel fuel with biodiesel).

If you even want to get rid of petroleum products, then there are boilers on wood pellets – pellets already is sold such equipment in which it is possible to burn wood pellets. At the same time, full automation, ease of use and, in some cases, savings even in comparison with heating on wood are achieved. Below are links to some sites about biofuel.

  • Pellet Fuels Institute
  • New England Wood Pellets
  • Pellet burning stoves

2. Put Yourself A Solar Water Heater

Buy a solar water heater for yourself when your current water heater goes down (or maybe earlier) – when you repair or improve your business that thrives on heated water. Saving money for heating water will far exceed your monthly payments for the loan that you have taken to purchase your solar water heating system! Pays for 4-6 years!

3. More Natural Light In Your Office Or Shop

Install solar lights to illuminate the paths and dark places of your home. It is very useful to have nighttime solar-powered lamps.

At work, the cheapest energy is one that you did not buy. Make the most of natural lighting at home and in the office. This will not only save energy and money but also beneficial to health and increases labour productivity. If you can not organize natural lighting, think about feeding your lighting system directly from solar photovoltaic batteries!

4. Solar Lights On The Streets

Street lighting can be cheaper if you use solar lights not only on the roads but also in parking lots, in yards, etc. Then you can save on laying wires and digging trenches, not to mention saving on unused electricity. A properly designed solar lighting system provides enough light without its excess. Our cities shine excessively, eating huge amounts of energy (and fuel!) For their lighting.

5. The Range Of Renewable Energy Products Is Expanding

To be sure that you get clean, renewable energy, and at the same time in a beautifully reliable way, choose reliable equipment suppliers that work with known brands by consulting an agency for business electricity comparison.

6. Cool Your Office With Clean Energy

Buy a solar fan or use a heat-insulating paint for your attic. By reducing the temperature in the attic, you will significantly reduce the energy consumption for air conditioning in your office. Ventilation of the attic due to photovoltaic batteries will not only reduce the power consumption but at the same time, your attic will be ventilated more when the sun shines brighter!

  • Solar Attic Fans
  • Real Goods
  • Thermal Barrier Paint

7. Buy “Clean” Energy For Your Home Or Business

Unfortunately, while consumers in UK cannot choose which power plant to buy electricity from. However, with the liberalization of the electricity market, such an opportunity is prevalent. Many developed countries have labelled “green” energy, and consumers can consciously choose whether the electricity they consume is harmful to the environment.

8. Ecologically Clean Standby Power Supply

If you need a reliable power supply at home or an enterprise, you need a backup power system using renewable energy sources. Even if there are interruptions in the grid power supply – your refrigerator, pump, lighting will work no matter what. Hurricane, fallen tree wires, or broken wire from icing, a burned transformer substation – now you do not fear it, because you are protected by your backup power system on renewable energy sources.

9. Think Globally. Use Renewable Energy Locally

Demand the use of renewable energy sources not only in the office but also in public places. Renewable energy supply systems installed in public areas will not only help improve the ecology in your area but will also promote the popularization of this type of energy among the local population.

10. Learn More About Renewable Energy Yourself And Tell Others About It

If you do not know much about renewable energy, the best way to learn more is to go and see how the current electricity system works with renewable energy sources. Now more and more buildings appear, where solar panels, wind turbines, biofuel boilers, etc. are used. If you own such a building, show your house to neighbours, co-workers, friends and local authorities. Many people still do not know how such systems work and do not trust them – show them a working system and make them believe that it is possible and profitable!

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