Sponsored Video: Play Your Part To Build A Caring & Contributing Community

Many of us live by the term YOLO. It’s easy to swear by that when we are still young when our biggest responsibility would probably be staying on track on our studies or simply making sure that we get ourselves out of trouble. Today, it is getting increasingly hard to disregard tell-tale signs that the world around us is getting a little choppy. With the uncertain economy and threats of terrorism looming over our everyday lives, how prepared are you to YOLO in a totally different way? This time not centred around yourself but extending ‘You Only Live Once’ to help take care and look after fellow Singaporeans and contribute actively to rebuild our community should disaster strike. Everyone matters, you too can play your part to build a caring and contributing community!

Resilience is one of our nation’s core values. We have seen how Singaporeans from all walks of life come together to contribute time, money and manpower during trying periods such as SARS and haze. It is this will to survive that enables families, friends and neighbours to stay strong and united in the face of crisis. The relationships we’ve built through everyday interactions within our communities, build bonds and give us strength to bounce back in times of adversity.

You too can play your part by helping to cultivate a culture of consideration, care and contribution to the people around you. You need not look far to find opportunities to help, they can be right under our nose at times.  Watch the film to see how the power of many can help one overcome trying times. #WeAreResilience

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