Video Editing Software’s Characteristics & Jargons in Practical World

A couple of years ago, nonlinear editing could only be done by the professionals. Only professionals with affordability and large capital could easily afford to get work in the digital empire. Many users and video makers were supposed to indulge in crash editing from their recorder to the VCR or combine complex sets of black gadgets. Previously, users require a separate title for enhancing graphics, one video maker with 3 VCRs were needed to insert shift or change effects. The audio adjuster is needed for adjusting sounds, one “edit controller” for causing the VCRs to change and adjust work. After all this, users need to wire all of it and to make it happen as expected, they would require a certification in an engineering field. Hence, “non-linear editing” scared many users to switch to other sources. 

Nowadays, Video Editing Software is very cheap, simple and basic to configure, simple to use and convenient for the users at the start.

Characteristics of Video Editing Software

A few years ago, video editing would necessitate the use of high-priced machinery and equipment known as “Video Editors”. Therefore, Video Editing Software exists for PCs and workstations. Normal software for this purpose comprises of elements for transforming the formats, trimming segments, combining cut shots, reorganise them, changing brightness, cropping, rotating recorded videos. Moreover, it allows the user to add sound, transition effects or various different effects.

This useful computer software is an application which manages the after production adjustments of this digital video progression on a non-linear editing system (NLE). It has changed the long-established flatbed celluloid film’s copy-edit tool and interconnects tape to tape online with editing machines.

This software NLE is generally embedded on a timeline interface pattern which includes sections of putting the image video recording in motion called as clips which are produced in a sequence and could be played back. This software features various kinds of tools for cropping, inserting together with organising clips over the timeline. Since digital NLE systems have strengthened their toolset, their part has been developed also almost all similar consumer and expert NLE systems contain a manager of features for colour adjustments, writing titles and other illustration effects, as well as tackles to edit and combine audio clips corresponding with whole video schedule. If you have done your work, Non-Linear Editing Software could assist you to send to the movie in the wide range of formats which might include broadcast tape format and compressed file format for mobile phones, the internet, and DVD.

VES is rapidly becoming convenient for users. It can be used by anyone, either he/she is a professional or not, this software never fails to meet your expectations.


Basic ones are the following:


It is referred to the pixels of the video or an image. More it has, greater would be picture’s resolution and quality.

SD and HD

HD stands for ‘High Definition’, whereas, SD stands for ‘Standard Definition’. HD might vary from 480 to 576 pixels. SD could do so from 720-1080 pixels

Aspect Ratio

it relates to the size of the video or screen desired for the video to fit in. E.g. 4:3.


it refers to the extent you can make your film small or short. Quality has to be compromised for it.

Tools for Editing Video

Nowadays, the market for Video Editing Software has become quite saturated. Some in the market are free; on the other hand, few are costly. However, in both the cases, market consists of high and inferior quality of Video Editing Software, but one of the good ones is “Windows Movie Maker”.

This Video Editing Software is totally free to use for any desktop computer which is powered by ‘Microsoft Windows’. This also enables users to just simply drag and enter video shortcuts, along with transition effects. This is a fast procedure. Moreover, it allows users to insert various audio clips, and music in between.
One must consult the experts for choosing the right Video Editing Software, and must know what the user himself requires.

Excellent Video Editing Software has revolutionised the filmmaking industry in the world which enables the audience to perceive it through a different perspective.

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