5 Amazing Places To Visit When You Are In Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand stretches just south of Bangkok and goes all the way down to the Malaysia border. A popular attraction for tourists, there are dozens of remarkable places to choose from when travelling to this beautiful country. Whether you are in the mood for beaches, national parks, or rainforests, you have selected the right place! If you’re planning on travelling to Southeast Asia, you can’t miss out on these breathtaking places in southern Thailand.

1. Phi Phi Islands

Beaches, snorkelling, seaside resorts, you name it! The Phi Phi islands is a popular attraction in Thailand. It’s no surprise it’s beautiful waters are seen in movies or frequently talked about by travellers. A superstar island, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views, exciting nightlife, and great food!

2. Phang Nga Bay

Also known as Ao Phang Nga National Park, this bay is the ideal place to go kayaking, look at limestone cliffs, and take a break from your normal routine back home. One of the most breathtaking places in all of Thailand, this body of water is located between Krabi and Phuket.

The Phang Nga Bay offers amazing views. You can participate in a boat tour to soak in all the wonders of this location. If you prefer, you can sea kayak and explore this beautiful bay on your own. An island worth seeing is Khao Ping Gan. You won’t want to leave your camera at home for this trip!

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3. Khao Sok National Park

If you’re feeling adventurous, this is the spot for you! Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, this jungle is home to much wildlife and natural attractions. You’ll witness an ancient rainforest filled with stunning waterfalls, rare flora, limestone cliffs, among so much more. Be sure to stop by Cheow Lan Lake when visiting this park for it is a must see!

Unless you want to go for a hike on your own, we suggest participating in a guided tour when visiting this special spot. Your guide will walk you through the best spots in this area including the Wing Hin Waterfall or the Tang Nam Gorge.

4. Phuket

This island is in the Andaman Sea and is among the most popular in all of Thailand. The largest and most popular island, it is frequented by tourists always in the year. This tropical beach paradise is a popular place for visitors to soak up the sun and partake in Thailand’s rich culture.

You’ll find the famous Chinpracha mansion and Thai Hua Museum here. Also, when visiting Phuket, be sure to enjoy yourself and check out their nightlife! If you are looking for privacy and quiet, perhaps consider other locations in Southern Thailand.

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5. Hua Hin

Located on the Gulf of Thailand, this southern Thai town offers a great escape for residents of Bangkok as well as those visiting from other places. It offers a relaxed atmosphere filled with coffee shops, art galleries, and bars. You’ll love the freshly caught seafood available and will even encounter monkeys from time to time.

Hua Hin is a favourite getaway location for several reasons. Hua Hin developments are well established and in an ideal location. A great place to buy a home, real estate agents in the area makes it easy for visitors to find the living space of their dreams. If this is something you are interested in, the process can be made easier with a property agent.

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Southern Thailand has so much to offer to suit all tastes and likings. A mix of city and sea that offers visitors a variety of activities to indulge in, it’s a magical place filled with stunning views and the perfect opportunity to get away. Not only is it beautiful but it gives visitors a laid-back environment to unwind from their busy schedules. We hope you enjoy your stay in southern Thailand and wish you happy travels!

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