Time To Understand Caviar And Its Benefits

Caviar is the most desirable and useful for mankind. The egg of sturgeon fish was primarily and regularly consumed by the Persians. It increases the endurance and physical strength of those who ate it. For the elite, it was reserved as a luxury item. Medicinal and healing properties also attributed to caviar by Romans.

In the world, Caviar is one of the most expensive foods. It’s average per kilo rate of about $35,000. Alma’s is the most expensive of all caviar. The eggs, which are 60-100 years old, of albino sturgeon almas is produced.  Generally, they survive in a less polluted area and swims continuously in the southern Caspian.

Traditionally, caviar is eaten directly from the skin between the thumb and the index finger. They release the flavour by rolled the egg slowly around the mouth.

Caviar nutrition

Caviar is a rich source of protein and contains many vitamins like vitamins A,B12,B6,C,D. calorie and D. It’s also rich in a variety of amino acids like lysine, isoleucine, and methionine

The amazing nutritional properties of caviar are that it’s high in cholesterol and sodium.

Generally, caviar should avoid in the pregnant woman because it contains bacteria. Listeria , a bacteria which is dangerous to unborn infant . They should consume only after it’s pasteurisation.

Varieties of caviar

Caviar is many types like beluga, sterlet, Kaluga hybrid, American olestra, ossetra ,Siberian sturgeon and sevruga. Beluga caviar is known for its extremely large size eggs. The starlet caviar is rare and reserved for Russian, Iranian and Australian royalty. The next one is ossetra which is also known as Russian caviar which is light brown to rich brown in colour.  The quality ranking is the grey sevruga caviar, the Chinese Kaluga caviar and the American osetra.

Value of caviar

Caviar is widely used across the world and become the most expensive across the world. It is highly beneficially in terms of nutrition as well as taste. The nutritional value is as follows-

–  It contains low carbohydrates which are generally about 1%. So it is good for people who want low carbohydrates options.

–   It is rich in proteins contain about 35%of total nutritional value.

–   it is rich in fats and fatty acid contain about 17.9g of total nutritional value per 100g.A sufficient amount of fats and fatty acid has to be consumed otherwise it leads to excess cholesterol in the body which may cause heart diseases.

–   It is high-calorie food item contains about 252 calories in 100g of caviar.

–  it contains various micronutrients like phosphorous, vitamin D, vitamin B12, panthothenic acid, calcium, riboflavin, etc .which are healthy and beneficial for body.

–  it also contains a variety of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C ,  vitamin B12, vitamin K, Niacin , choline, foliate, Etc.

–  It is also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, selenium, etc. they are consuming only in moderation otherwise it may lead to problems.

Due to nutritional values of caviar, it give a healthy twist and it becomes an extremely popular food choice in many countries, which indicating that healthy food can also be tasty at the same time.

Properties of the caviar

Caviar is a food rich in nutrients, so its consumption -although not so much its price- is beneficial in the diet. These black eggs contain a high degree of proteins so that they are an ideal ally for muscle development.

In addition, caviar contains calcium, which contributes to the strengthening of teeth and bones. Also, the contribution of iron from these eggs is a good remedy for anaemia problems as well as for those who perform a strong physical activity.

On the other hand, caviar contains vitamin A that prevents the appearance of cancer and strengthens the immune system. It also provides vitamin E, with antioxidants and beneficial for the proper functioning of the circulatory system.

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