5 Tips On How To Accommodate Sober Alcoholics At Your Wedding

In most weddings, alcohol is provided in plenty. For sober alcoholics, they may find it hard to cope. Below are some few tips courtesy of Jacksonville Rehab for substance abuse and other rehab centres that may help you to accommodate them. It is important to show support to sober alcoholics by ensuring that they also have a good time too. People may choose not to drink because they are on medication, religion, allergies or history of alcoholism in the family. Others may just be recovering from addiction. You should accommodate them during your wedding and ensure that they also have fun. Here are 5 tips on how to accommodate sober alcoholics at your wedding.

1. Provide appealing non-drinking options

This is one of the best ways to ensure that sober alcoholics are not tempted to drink. By offering other forms of entertainment during your event, you will be catering for the non-alcoholics needs as well. This is highly recommended by the Detox Atlanta facility as it prevents relapses. You may include a massage parlour, serve a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, and provide different types of food throughout the event. This keeps them preoccupied and may help them to avoid taking alcohol.

2. Offer support meeting opportunities

When planning your wedding, it is important to also consider things that may make sober alcoholics have more fun and also get help. Support groups from various rehab centers and even social media may be invited to the wedding. This gives the sober alcoholics a chance to share their experiences as recovering alcoholics. Rehab center representatives may also offer some tips that may help the sober alcoholics to stop drinking completely. Since it’s at a wedding, this should be done in a more relaxed way.

3. Sober space

A designated sober space in your wedding that offers complimentary drinks and relaxation may help sober alcoholics to avoid drinking. Again, this helps you to keep alcohol away from them because it can be tempting to them. A special lounge for sober drinkers with plenty of music and entertainment will help them enjoy the wedding and feel more comfortable.

4. Strategize

When planning the wedding, ensure that the event manager knows where to keep the alcoholic drinks. They should not be exposed at the entrance for all event attendees to see. It is also important to highlight in the wedding invitation that the wedding will be kid-friendly. This way, even the alcoholics will be more disciplined and there are no much expectations of alcoholic drinks. Ensure that the tone of the master of ceremony is friendly. The master of the ceremony should restrain from making remarks that may encourage too much drinking

5. Music

It is important to hire a good master of ceremony and a good DJ too. This will ensure that your wedding day is lively. Sober alcoholics may resort to drinking if they are bored, nervous, or if they do not have good company. You should ensure that you invite more sober alcoholics in your wedding. This way, they will keep each other company. Dancing to good music is also more fun and may help sober alcoholics stay sober.

These few tips will help you accommodate your sober alcoholics friends and family to your wedding. Remember alcohol is not the only form of entertainment. With a little research, you may identify other ways to have fun during your wedding.

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