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Reunion Dinner is an important meal for the Chinese during Chinese New Year. Families gather together to usher in the new year with happiness and prosperity for every single family members that they cherish. This year, our team’s reunion dinner comes early at Sawadee Thai Cuisine. Consistently recognised as the Top 5 Thai Restaurants in Singapore since 2013, Sawadee Thai Cuisine is set to wow you and your family with intense and robust flavours of Thailand with their Chinese New Year 2017 menu.

To herald in a year of prosperity, dine in the restaurant’s luxurious festive decorations. The woody interior is adorned with festive flowers, Thai ornaments and culminating in gorgeous golden drapes cascading in languid waves from the ceiling.

Before we got started on their Chinese New Year Happiness 8 Course Set ($268 for 4 pax), one of their salad items caught our eyes. The Betel Leaf Wrap ($12 small / $18 medium) serves Thai betel leaves together with ingredients such as dried shrimps, roasted peanuts, roasted coconut, chilli, lime, ginger and onions with a savoury dip. Use the betel leaf similar to how you would do with Popiah skin, select your preferred ingredients, wrapped everything up, take the whole thing in and experience the explosion of flavours in your mouth! The fun DIY element makes this dish the perfect conversation starter. Remember to go gentle on the sliced chilli padi, they are extremely potent!

We started our CNY meal with Lo Hei – Sawadee Thai Cuisine Royal Prosperity Abalone Yusheng. The restaurant staff are well trained in the auspicious phrases for Lo Hei so you can simply leave everything to them and get ready your chopstick for the tossing. It is believed the higher you toss the ingredients in the salad, the greater your fortunes will be. We love the tangy, refreshing sauce that accompanied the Yusheng but the ingredient that delighted us the most was the crispy deep-fried pork skin from Chiang Mai. The Yusheng is available for delivery to your preferred Lo Hei venue as well. If you need help with auspicious phrases, click here.

Next to be served was their famous Grilled Kurobuta Pork Collar (Khor Moo Kurobuta Yang). Served with their homemade spicy sauce, the grilled pork exhibited a good blend of lean meat with slight fatty deposit. Sample this dish while it is hot so snap your photos fast!

We were grinning from ear to ear, the moment our server brought out the highlight – Sawadee Thai Cuisine Whole Lobster In Thai Style Three Flavoured Sauce.

The absolute sign of prosperity, the dish was a sight to behold. Lychees, an unusual ingredient for seafood proved to be the perfect sweet compliment to the spicy and sour Thai Style Sauce. Despite being fried, the fresh lobster flesh retained its succulent texture and absorbed the sauce well. A whole lobster for a $268 meal, it is really value for money.

Steamed Seabass In Spicy & Sour Sauce signified 年年有余 (鱼) which meant ample surplus by the end of each year to better prepare for the next. The fish was fresh, tender and absorbed the full flavours of the spicy and sour sauce.

The Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetable With Scallops came in as a ‘green’ break between the sumptuous spread. Make a dash for the fresh, supple Hokkaido scallops before they are all snatched away!

Just in case the above dishes are not enough to fill you up, the set thoughtfully included Sawadee Thai Cuisine’s Signature Olive Rice. Mix the ingredients well to experience a crunchy bite (the magic lies in their dried shrimps) every spoonful.

Although the Superior Tom Yam Soup With River Prawns was not included in this set menu, we ordered the dish to complete our Thai meal experience. One of the bosses shared with us that both the clear and red Tom Yam soup are authentically Thai. However, the clear concoction (the version served at Sawadee Thai Cuisine) requires hours of simmering and therefore recognised as the more atas version compared the red concoction which is more common as Thai street food.

We ended off our delightful Thai CNY Reunion Meal with Mango Sticky Rice, one of our favourite Thai Desserts. We were told that the purplish blue sticky rice was a result of the infusion of butterfly pea. There is a slight fragrance to it but this slight difference is hardly noticeable once you drench the rich and creamy coconut milk or the coconut ice cream over it. We were also overwhelmed by the abundance of fresh, juicy mangoes served together with the sticky rice. What a satisfying end to an amazing meal!

Treat your loved ones to a Thai CNY Reunion Dinner this year! Besides the $268 Menu for 4 Pax, Sawadee Thai Cuisine also offers a wide variety of CNY Menus for large groups of 10 pax as well. To view the full CNY Menu Selections, please click here. Please see the full restaurant information below:

Sawadee Thai Cuisine

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