Samsonite Evoa – Revolutionary Luggage Series For The Modern Traveller

As travel and lifestyle bloggers, a reliable and practical luggage outweighs aesthetics. This is particularly important when we are lugging our heavy belongings while transiting trains between cities or manoeuvring through the nightmarish cobbled streets of European cities. When we were first introduced, the brand new Samsonite Evoa did leave an impression with its beautiful metal casing and sleek finishing. We have to admit that it is easy to dismiss this beautiful creation as just another pretty face in the luggage industry. It was only after further reading that we realised we could have judged the book by its cover. Follow us as we uncover what makes Samsonite Evoa – the revolutionary luggage series for the modern traveller.

Samsonite Evoa – The Aesthetics 

Samsonite EVOA is the brand new evolutionary suitcase by Samsonite which features a number of the company’s innovative features, notably its Aero-Trac suspension wheel system. The design is minimalistic with a textured brushed effect that gives the luggage a sleek metallic aesthetic. There are two colours available – silver and black which both enjoyed the gorgeous brushed finish. Knowing how the wear, tear and dirt often suffered by luggage, I personally will opt for the black brushed finish. Did we mentioned we adore the stylish metal logo? 

The Dimensions

Samsonite Evoa comes in four different sizes. 55cm/20 inch is the smallest dimension variety which is suitable for carry-on. There is also the larger 69cm/25inch and 75cm/28inch options as well as the Rolling Tote. The integrated pull handles also help you better manage your Samsonite Evoa, no matter the dimensions. 

Security & Protection 

The luggage series commands a sturdy finish and we love how metal corners are included to absorb the brunt of most impacts. Samsonite Evoa uses a TSA Recessed Combo lock so that removes the worry of the lock being damaged during security checks when travelling to the US. We loved the added security of having dual-layer zips.

The magnetic puller fastens the zips in place and remains secured while the bag is locked. These features really help to relieve stress on your valuables during your trip.

Samsonite Evoa – The Interiors

Samsonite Evoa opens up into two equal halves with a grey synthetic lining and straps that can be fastened in a cross formation to keep items in place on both sides. We like how the handle structure stays outside rather than take up additional interior space.

Aero-Trac Suspension Wheel System

This part is our personal favourite. We adore One of the Samsonite Evoa Aero-Trac suspension wheel system, which is designed to reduce noise and vibrations as you drag it along your journey. With these 4 wheels on, moving around cities with Samsonite Evoa is smooth, quiet and especially manoeuvrable when on all four pairs of wheels.

Definitely More Than Just A Pretty Face. 

Going beyond just the aesthetics, Samsonite Evoa definitely has the bells and whistles to command its price. This is a solid, straightforward luggage series that you would want to bring along with you for business or leisure trips that involve loads of transits between cities or exotic destinations.

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