A Complete Guidance About Premium Ostomy Belts

For those who previously had an ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy, or another related procedure, choose premium ostomy belts for medical device support. Ostomy belts help support the weight of devices that are attached to the stoma. Ostomy belts were designed by those who wear them, so they comfortably wrap around the stomach and secure the ostomy bag.

Ostomy Belt Options

Living with an ostomy can be difficult. However, our belts ensure customers feel comfortable with the support, customizable options, lightweight, discreet and provide protection.

Belt Type Information Features
Stealth Belt Pro Stealth Belt Pros are multifunctional and provide flexibility for all users. The Stealth Belt Pro is the most common belt and can withstand everyday wear with 24/7 support. This belt comes in vertical and horizontal options.


·        Zipper

·        Expandable compartments

·        4-in Adjustability Range

·        Extra Locking Closure

·        Moisture-Wicking Material


Neoprene Extreme Belt The Neoprene Extreme Belt is not typically designed to wear 24/7; instead, it was designed for those looking for an adventure. Whether your adventure is surfing or wakeboarding, the Neoprene Extreme Belt is for you.


·        Zipper

·        Expandable compartments

·        4-in Adjustability Range

·        Extra Locking Closure

·        Neoprene Fabric


Slip-On Belt Slip-On Belts are designed for those with light activities and daily wear. Since this belt does not have a closure mechanism – it makes it very desecrate under tight clothing and tank tops.


·        Zipper

·        Expandable compartments

·        Non-Adjustable

·        Step-In and Slip-On

·        Moisture-Wicking Fabric


Hybrid Stealth Belt The Hybrid Stealth Belt gives all active users of support and comfortable all while being lightweight. This belt is ideal for those who are active and has been rigorously tested and proved to be suitable for the gym, martial arts, and high impact sports. ·        Hidden Zipper Pouch

·        Expandable Compartment

·        4-inch Adjustable

·        Double Locking Closure

·        Neoprene Fabric


Vertical Belt The Vertical Belts are Stealth Belts perfect for younger children. The Kids Stealth Belt provides young children with comfort and gives parents confidence that their little one is being protected. The Kids Stealth Belt is lightweight, so it is comfortable for children to wear. This belt is ideal for all children’s activities, including swimming, swinging, and sleeping.


·        Ideal for Everyday Wear

·        Adjustable Waist

·        Ideal for Exercise and Swimming



Ostomy belts are fully adjustable, giving users the comfort and flexibility to adjust the belt to fit their unique needs. The belt will wrap around your waist and is secured by Velcro®. With the unique, customizable features, the belt can be worn with one- or two-piece systems and can be worn or removed without disrupting the equipment in place.

Ostomy belts have an access hole over the wafer that is surrounded by non-slip material. This helps extend the life of not only the belt but the wafer. It also reduces the risk of irritation of the stoma or skin. Also, the ostomy belt is lined with non-slip material to help the belt stays in place once applied.

Collection Pouch

Ostomy Belts provide a removable neoprene bag that helps support the collection pouch. Also, this helps disguise the wafer and collection pouch. Having this additional discreteness helps quiet any noises. You have the option to turn the neoprene bag down or completely remove it. By turning the neoprene bag down or removing it – this gives you easier access to the collection pouch. The belt will remain in place if you do this.

The collection pouch is leak-resistant, helping reduce spills and controlling any accidental leakages. Once the collection pouch is removed, you can wash the pouch and dry it. Then re-attach the pouch by using the Velcro® strips.

Stoma Guard

Stoma Guards come with each belt to give you extra protection. The stoma guard is plastic and goes over the access hole to reduce pressure and accidentally bumps to the stoma. Using the stoma guard can help infants with tummy-time or for younger children who participate in sports.

Benefits of an Ostomy Belt

There are many proven benefits to consider when researching about ostomy belts and wraps. These benefits include:

  •       Pouch Support
  •       The need for adhesives that can cause skin irritation is reduced
  •       Help in advancing the seal when using a skin barrier
  •       Upgraded stealth and discreteness
  •       Added support to the colostomy or urostomy bag
  •       Fewer leaks and spills from the collection bag moving
  •       Higher quality resulting in comfort

We understand that after a colostomy or urostomy procedure, you may feel as if everyone can notice. However, using an ostomy belt can help you regain your confidence and have the reassurance that you are protected from accidental accidents, leaks, or skin irritation. Ostomy belts come in an array of different options as we know that one belt is not going to be the best option. We have multiple options to fit your unique needs and get you feeling better about yourself again! 

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