What I Love The Most About Switzerland – The Swiss Chocolate

Nowadays, I am as likely to end my day with four squares of melt-on-your-tongue milk chocolate as my flatmate’s dog Shelby is to run with a speed I didn’t think normal dogs had in my direction as I do so in order to plead for a morsel. It was predictable though since Switzerland is world renowned for its brown gold. Swiss chocolate is famous for a good reason, that is, because it is unbelievably good and impossible to get tired of. And yes, it is everywhere here in Switzerland. Here are some random facts about this loveliest of sweet things and its relation to the Swiss. 

Swiss Chocolate – It has to be pretty

Chocolate shops in Switzerland go the extra mile to present their prized products in a manner which reflects their quality and prestige. When not in bar form, chocolates come in an infinite number of shapes and packages which make you feel like you’re purchasing a little work of art. They also make you feel slightly guilty when those beautiful edible objects are crunched to small bits and resting in your satisfied belly.

Swiss Chocolate – It’s not that unhealthy

Considering that Swiss are the top world consumers of chocolate, it will come as a surprise that obesity is not a major issue in the country. This is because of course, the amount of chocolate consumed is easily prevented from causing weight problems by regular engagement in the many types of outdoor pursuits available throughout the year. Swiss chocolate can never be equalled to junk food because it is first and foremost made out of quality ingredients.

Swiss Chocolate – It can cost an arm and a leg

While you can find inexpensive Swiss chocolate bars in stores and supermarkets which still make your eyes twinkle upon savouring them, boutique and hand-made chocolates are worth their weight in gold. Check out Sprungli’s Luxemburgerli, where 650 grams of these burger-shaped sweets will set you back about 55 euros. This same chocolate producer boasts a value of about 17,000 euros per share on the stock market, so if you’re looking to invest in this prolific company, the depth of your pocket needs to match its reputation.

Swiss Chocolate – You might find it unexpectedly in your post box

Ok, this is by far not the norm, but I thought it would be nice to mention. One evening Ferenc came home bearing a chocolate box which he had found in our mail. It was a box of hand-made sprungli truffles, a gift from his bank for being such a loyal customer and one of about 80,000 such gifts. One could almost feel the love with which those truffles had been produced radiating from the packaging. As we opened it slowly, we had to fight our way through a number of different layers designed to protect that ever-so-precious content, until finally, there they were, 25 lovely assorted bursts of heaven, screaming ‘eat me, eat me as soon as possible or I will go bad!’ They did, of course, disappear in a couple of days.

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