Pre-Existing Medical Woes No More With Income Enhanced PreX Plans!

I always have the tendency to put negative incidents during holidays down to experience and chuck some of these unfortunate series of events out of my memory for years. Never once have I been tempted to pay for insurance. Indeed, it is my firm conviction that I would have lost far less cash than I would have paid for Travel Insurance policies. All these changed when I personally witnessed one of my friends collapse during our trip to Tibet more than 5 years ago. Not properly acclimatised, he was forced to undergo emergency medical treatment for Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) in his hotel room.

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After a night of harrowing experience, he managed to recover and enjoyed the rest of the trip. If not for Travel Insurance, the doctor’s house call at the hotel would have burnt a hole right through his pocket. Since then, I have been a loyal convert, making sure that my family, relatives and friends get their Travel Insurance coverage before we scoot off for a holiday. My favourite liner to them is ‘If you can’t afford Travel Insurance, then you can’t afford to travel’.

Same, Same But Different   

Many Travel Insurance plans may look the same at first glance but the devil lies in the details. In reality, no 2 Travel Insurance is ever the same. Don’t just blindly select the cheapest deal online, you may be shortchanging yourself should anything goes wrong on the trip.

Take the time to understand the coverage and read the fine prints for exclusions. Many insurance companies conveniently exclude pre-existing medical conditions in their clause. This means that if you have a heart problem, you absolutely would not be able to claim for death or accident due to a heart attack. Then buy for what!

The New & Better Enhanced PreX Plans

To solve that problem, NTUC Income (Income) has Travel Insurance plans that protect you against pre-existing medical conditions. There are no age restrictions, so the young and elderly can get coverage. Rest assured that you can still enjoy cover for all other benefits not relating to pre-existing medical conditions, such as travel inconveniences, personal accident and medical expenses.

What’s more, they have just launched their new Enhanced PreX plans that have wider coverage. Depending on your personal needs, you get to choose from 3 different Enhanced PreX Plans. The Enhanced PreX Basic plan offers basic coverage for your medical expenses resulting from your pre-existing medical conditions while you are overseas. If you require increased coverage, you can opt for Enhanced PreX Superior plan or Enhanced PreX Prestige plan which extends the coverage to trip cancellation, postponing of the trip, shortening of trip and trip disruption.

Travel Promotions (15 July to 15 August 2016)

From now until 15 August 2016, you will receive a Bluetooth Speaker+ (worth $69.90) when you sign up for either Enhanced PreX Superior plan or Enhanced PreX Prestige plan by Income, with a minimum spent of $130 per transaction. Enter or quote PreX16 before making payment!

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