How To Defeat & Catch Pokemon Go Zapdos – Most Valuable Legendary Yet!

After Articuno & Moltres,  Zapdos – the legendary mascot of Team Instinct, Pokemon Go’s smallest team has finally been released as a Champion in Legendary Raids in gyms across the world. Just like the previous two legendaries before it, Zapdos will be available for a limited time. Make sure to challenge this boss before 14 August to add its powerful Electric-type attacks to your team. We are here to help by explaining how best to defeat it and yes, catch it too!

Zapdos – Saviour For Electric Pokemon

Although Articuno and Moltres may not be weaker than Zapdos, the electric legendary is probably the most valuable legendary released into the game so far. Well, at least for the genre of electric type Pokemon. Despite Pikachu being the hero mascot for the game, Pokemon Go has seriously underpowered electric Pokemon till date. The only one worth mentioning is Jolteon.

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Zapdos’ addition should be a strong boost to your electric type Pokemon arsenal. That is why you must catch the legendary bird over the course of the next week before it disappears.

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Optimal Trainers To Defeat Zapdos

Similar to all the other Legendary Pokemon, Zapdos would be one tough nut to crack. It would probably not as tough as Articuno and Lugia, and closer to Moltres. This means you might be able to take him down with 4 to 5 competent teammates but we would recommend a group of between 8 to 10 to be safe.

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Zapdos Weaknesses

As a flying/electric type, Zapdos has some pretty interesting counters, namely ice and rock. Do note it is rock, not ground, which Zapdos is strong against to a certain extent.

Best Pokemon & Skills To Use

1. Rock Type Pokemon

Go with Tyranitar and Rhydon with Charge Attack – Stone Edge or Golem with Fast Attack – Rock Throw and Charge Attack – Stone Edge

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2. Ice Type Pokemon

Choose Piloswine with Fast Attack – Ice Shard and Charge Attack – Avalanche, Lapras with Fast Attack – Frost Breath and Charge Attack – Blizzard or Jynx with Fast Attack – Frost Breath and Charge Attack – Avalanche

Team Of Three Defeated Zapdos

Although the game recommends 20 trainers to defeat Zapdos, a team of just three players have defeated this legendary bird. The team of Japanese players used a combo of Golem and Tyranitar to down Zapdos. Too bad for them that even with ‘Excellent’ throws, this elite group of trainers still did not capture the bird.

Catching The Irritating Defeated Bird

Defeating Zapdos can be easy with your team mates. The real pain is trying to catch the legendary bird. Similar to Moltres and Articuno, Zapdos only has a 3% base capture rate. The bad news for you is that with far less electric types in the wild, it is likely that you do not have an electric capture gold medal at this point for an extra bonus.

1. Awesome Throws & Gold Razzberries

To make up for it, you have to execute all the ‘Great’ throws and curveballs you can master, in addition to using a golden razzberry for every single throw.

2. Go Closer

Zapdos is a little closer to the screen than Moltres. This means you do not have to toss your balls super far away like you are trying to catch a Zubat. The legendary bird has a zig-zag movement similar to Pokemon like Yanma so wait and check before throwing. In addition, Zapdos circular flight attacks last just slightly longer than you think. Once activated, wait for it to settle before throwing your balls.

3. Stupid Last Ball Bug

After 3 legendaries, Niantic has finally officially acknowledged their “last ball” issue. For the vast majority of the time, it is impossible to catch any raid boss with your last Premiere Ball. This means that before that bug is fixed, do not place too much hope on your last ball. Niantic needs to fix this quickly but we strongly feel that you should just give it your best shot and pray for the best no matter what.

We hope you find our advice useful. Please share with us your personal experience in the comments section below. Have fun and all the best!

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