Pokemon Go Moltres Easier To Defeat Than Articuno – We Will Show You How!

Congratulations to trainers who have caught the first legendary. Pokemon Go Legendaries have finally been released in Singapore! Team Mystic’s Articuno was released on 22 July and was removed from the game on 31 July. It is now time to focus on Team Valor’s Moltres, which has just been released on 1 August and will be available until 7 August. Unlike Articuno, Moltres has been reputed to be a lot easier to defeat, we will show you how!

Critical Number Of Trainers

Isn’t it frustrating how we will never know the number of trainers that are available to take down the beast? We have to throw in the raid pass before it is revealed. To conserve your health supplements, we recommend that you do not engage Moltres until you achieve the critical number of trainers. We realised that trainers will soon trickle in slowly once the legendary raid is spotted so be patient. You have an order before the raid pass expires.

How’s Moltres Compared To Articuno?

Moltres has a totally different set of strengths and weaknesses than Articuno. The legendary bird has a much higher Attack stat than Articuno but its Defense is much lower and suffers a critical “double weakness” to Rock-Types that should make Raids go a lot quicker.

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Recommended Minimal Trainers?

Due to its lower Defense and the double weakness to Rock, we’re guessing that Pokemon Go players will be able to take down Moltres in groups of 5 or higher.

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Rock Type Pokemon Are Its Nemesis

Many websites recommended that trainers stockpiled as many Golem to tackle these Legendary Pokemon. Unfortunately, Golem wasn’t as effective as trainers hoped against Articuno and Lugia, as both had Charge attacks that could wipe out Golem in a single attack. However, Golem and other Rock-Type Pokemon should more than redeem itself against Moltres due to Moltres’s double weakness against Rock-Type attacks.

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Ultimate Attack To Have

Stone Edge is probably the most useful skillset your Pokemon should command to take down Moltres. When you factor in the same type attack bonus, Stone Edge is the third most powerful attack in Pokemon Go but of course, that is before taking a Pokemon’s weaknesses into account. Tyranitar and other rock type pokemon also have stone edge

Other Weakness – Electric & Water

Moltres has several other critical weaknesses that should make it easy prey for trainers. Similar to ArticunoMoltres is weak to Electric-Type attacks, which means Pokemon like Jolteon can dish out a lot of damage to Moltres…even if it doesn’t have the same resistances to Moltres’s attacks like Rock-Type Pokemon do.

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As a Fire-Type Pokemon, Moltres is also weak against Water-Type attacks. Vaporeon is another solid choice to round out your team, especially as it has a high Stamina stat and a resistance to Fire-Type attacks.

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Pokemon That Can Resist Moltres’ Attacks

If you can’t unleash an awesome attack, at least try to stay alive as long as possible. Omastar is a Rock/Water dual-type, it has a critical double-resistance to all Fire-Type attacks. That means that all of Moltres’s attacks will only do half as much damage as they would to a normal Pokemon. Omastar also has access to several Rock-Type attacks, including Ancient Power and Rock Blast.

Kabutops and Kingdra also enjoy double resistances to Moltres’s Fire-Type attacks, so if you’re looking for a high resistance team, considering adding one of those Pokemon to your sixth slot.

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Moltres Taken Down By Just 2 Trainers

Although up to 20 trainers can work together to fight high-level monsters, these two Japanese trainers managed to defeat Moltres with little trouble. However it is important to note that both trainers were both at level 40, the game’s level cap. But even so, Moltres shouldn’t be an easy fight as it has more than 40,000 CP – that’s quite a load of damage. These trainers were able to erode Moltres’ health bar to zero in less than two minutes by throwing a team of Golems – a rock-type Pokémon at it. Check it out below

Increase Your Chances

To drastically increase your chances of catching, you have to rely on your Golden Razz Berries (damn we need more of these) and of course, your skills at Curveballs (spin your Pokeball before releasing your throw). If you suck at curveballs, you will be happy to know that Nice, Great, and Excellent throws increase your chances too, and there’s also a small bonus for having a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal.

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Here’s the ultimate combination – A Golden Razz Berry, Curveball, and Excellent throw, with a Gold medal for that Legendary’s Type will give you a 24% chance of catching the Legendary – meaning one in roughly four throws like this will catch it, which is much better considering the roughly 5-13 balls that will be available!

Of course, the more “good” throws you have, the better odds you have of catching Moltres. Hitting Moltres with five “great” curve balls throws with berry and medal bonuses would give trainers about a 65% chance of catching Moltres (when factoring escape rate in) compared to about 50% before.

Ultimately, catching Moltres (and the other Legendary Birds) comes down to luck and odds. There’s no fool-proof way to catch Articuno, but last night’s tweak should make a big difference for a lot of trainers.

We hope you find the above information useful. All the best for your quest for Moltres. Following on, Zapdos for Team Instinct will be released on 7 August and will remain available through 14 August.

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