Pokemon GO Gen 3 Pokemon, Dynamic Weather, Battle Teams & More!

It looks like Niantic is really serious about re-activating its dormant trainers. Following up closely on their recent Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge, release of Farfetch’d & Kangaskhan as well as the legendary Ho-Oh, they have just released a series of updates that will not only introduce more Gen 3 Pokemon to collect, new dynamic weather system but also new battle teams structure and additional perks for all trainers. If you have not been getting into the game, this is probably one of the best time to jump right back again! Follow us as we walk you through the new Gen 3 Pokemon, Dynamic Weather, Battle Teams & More!

Pokemon GO Gen 3 Pokemon – Over 50 New Gen 3 Pokemon Added

More than 50 new pokémon will be added to the game, each pulled from the Hoenn region depicted in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Additions include the gecko-like Treecko, the adorable fire-bird Torchic, and the swamp-dwelling Mudkip, among others. To view the full list, read our post on Pokemon GO New Gen 3 Pokemon List Revealed – Full 55 Pokemon.

Before we go to the weather part, Niantic explained that the decision to add weather before other long-promised features came down to these new Pokemon that were being introduced. Pokemon Go Gen 3 Pokemon and the Hoenn region are just thematically tied to weather so closely that it is a core tenet of their identity so the fit was perfect.

Pokemon GO Gen 3 Pokemon – Dynamic Weather

Once you update your Pokémon GO app, it should be able to sync with your local weather conditions. The addition of real-time weather will change the way the augmented reality of the game looks, adding rain or snow when appropriate. But this is not just for aesthetic purposes, the weather also alters the gameplay by strengthening certain pokémon based on the real-world weather conditions. To read up on the full effects of the Dynamic Weather, please read our post on Pokemon Go Dynamic Weather: How It Affects Spawn Rate & Raid Battles

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Pokemon Go Gen 3 Pokemon – Party Battles

Before you get all excited, do note that this is still just a beta feature so it may not be available for everyone. Pokémon GO has introduced a new feature where you can save six Pokémon to be your go-to for raids or gym battles. This will be on the Pokémon screen which will let you assemble you your teams, and name them accordingly.

Niantic – We’re thrilled to announce that we’re also rolling out the first iteration of battle parties. Battle parties are preset teams of up to six Pokémon that you are able to create and customize to fit your needs. Whether you want to create different parties for frequent Raid Battles, or have battle parties that take advantage of certain weather bonuses, this feature will make it easier than ever to quickly choose which Pokémon you bring to battle. During this beta phase, battle parties will be saved to your device, so you’ll need to reset your battle parties if you get a new device or use multiple devices to play Pokémon GO. Once the feature is fully launched, your battle parties will carry over to each device you log in with.

Pokemon Go Gen 3 Pokemon – Increased Storage

You will now be able to increase the maximum number of Pokemon they can collect in their Pokémon Storage from 1,000 to 1,500 by purchasing Pokémon Storage Upgrades in the in-game shop.

Niantic – We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. With the addition of Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, the need for more Pokémon Storage is greater than ever. You’ll now be able to store up to 1,500 Pokémon. We’ve also increased the minimum Pokémon Storage size by 50, so all Trainers will soon be able to carry 50 additional Pokémon.

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Pokemon Go Gen 3 Pokemon – Charge Attack

The battle system has one new addition where there’s now a dedicated button for your charge attack for easier access during fights.

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