Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge For Farfetch’d & Kangaskhan

Niantic has just announced Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge as its Thanksgiving campaign! The global catch challenges trainers worldwide to catch three billion Pokemon within 7 days. From 20 November to 26 November 2017, all trainers playing Pokemon Go and catching little monsters will be contributing to unlocking exciting rewards such as Farfetch’d and Kanghaskhan for the global Pokemon Go community. For Pokemon Go Travel, Niantic has selected three inspirational trainers and have them flown into Japan to partake in this new event.

Latest Update: Pokemon Go 3 Billion Reached: 48 Hours To Catch Farfetch’d & Kangaskhan

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Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – Niantic Announcement 

Ever since Pokémon GO launched, we’ve loved hearing stories of Trainers venturing abroad and playing together with new friends from different countries. That’s what inspired us to create Pokémon GO Travel, a new video series to see the world through the eyes of a Pokémon Trainer. To kick things off, Pokémon GO Travel is taking a diverse group of Trainers from around the world to Japan to host our first-ever Global Catch Challenge.

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Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – 3 Chosen Trainers 

Niantic invites trainers from all over the world to discover new places, meet new people, and work together in an attempt to catch 3 billion Pokémon in just 7 days! Trainers can play along with IHasCupquakeCoisa de Nerd, and Rachel Quirico and witness how they learn more about Japanese culture, inspire the world to play together, and update you on the amazing rewards that the community unlocks together along the way. Each trainer will be chronicling their travels on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for you to see. Here’s a quick introduction to the 3 chosen trainers:

1. Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – IHasCupquake

2. Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – Coisa de Nerd

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3. Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – Rachel Quirico

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Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – Rewards To Be Unlocked!

To be very honest, this event has set a task that seems pretty impossible – to catch 3 billion Pokémon in a week. But the good part is that it has broken down the goal into small milestones to cheer trainers on. Reaching different milestones will unlock different prizes for the event.

Catching 500 million Pokemon will earn trainers double XP and Lure Modules activating for six hours (instead of the usual 30 minutes). Catching 1.5 billion Pokemon will add on double Stardust. Last but not least, if trainers manage to catch 3 billion Pokemon then Farfetch’d, a Pokemon only available in East Asia, will become available worldwide for 48 hours while Kangaskhan will become available in East Asia.

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Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – Farfetch’d & Kangaskhan Worth It?

Farfetch’d is not exactly your crème de la crème Pokemon but its status as a region exclusive Pokemon that is only available in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong made it a highly coveted Pokemon to collect.

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Kangaskhan, a Pokemon exclusive to Australia is another coveted Pokemon to have on your deck. It is definitely a stronger Pokemon to own compared to Farfetch’d.

If not for these 2 Pokemon, we doubt the double XP and Stardust are good enough bonus to entice trainers.

Pokemon Go Travel Global Catch Challenge – Play Your Part Trainers!

According to The Silph Road, Pokemon caught from now until 26 November 2017 will count towards the challenge. The community of Pokemon trainers also shared that rewards are unlocked after reaching each milestone and will last until 1 December 2017. Here is their infographic for a clearer picture:

Enough said, let’s start catching some Pokemon!

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