Perth Travel Guide – Things To Do On A Perth Adventure Australia!

Escape the hustles of life and fly away to Perth for a whopping adventure of a lifetime. Perth, the city and capital of Western Australia is home to a wealth of travel experiences ranging from city tours, food, wine, beaches, wildlife and the outdoors. Whether you are a foodie at heart, animal lover or an adventurous soul, there are pockets of gems for you to discover within Perth and it counts to do your research beforehand! We have gathered some of the most exciting activities you can do in Perth for an epic, Instagram-worthy and memorable holiday in Perth! Here are 7 adventures you can embark on a Perth Adventure Austalia along its Coral Coast and Perth City! Read on till the end for the full itinerary!

1. Perth Adventure Australia – Discover Geraldton & Private Jetting to East Wallabi Island!

Located 424km north of Perth, Geraldton is 4.5 hours’ drive away. With its Mediterranean weather and beautiful beaches, Geraldton has become a famous spot for windsurfers and kite-surfers. In addition to the range of water recreational activities available such as snorkelling, diving, stand up paddle diving, surfing, kiteboarding and fishing, one can hop on a private jet for a scenic flight over the spectacular pink lake and Albrolhos Islands!

The Scenic Air Tour by Geraldton Air Charter can bring you on a 8-seater private jet that flies as low as 500ft off the ground and give you an overview or history of each island! Get ready your dive suit as you stop by the pristine beach on East Wallabi Island for some snorkelling and light lunch of sandwiches!

Tip: The sun can get really hot, so apply some sunscreen or wear a light long-sleeve shirt. For those who may experience motion-sickness, a bar of candy may come in handy.

Geraldton Air Charter

Address: Gordon Garatt Drive, Geraldton Airport WA 6532 | Tel: (+61 8) 9923 3434 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Facebook: @geraldtonaircharter

2. Perth Adventure Australia – Abseil with a magnificent view at Kalbarri National Park

Experience the exhilarating thrill of descending down the rock face by a rope. It isn’t as “impossible” as it seems under the coaching of our guides from Kalbarri Abseil Tour. You can also opt to start small by first conquering the 4 metres cliff, then 25 metres and finally 35 metres. Our guides, Matt and Col were very professional and experienced belayers. Regardless of how tense one may feeling, Col was able to ease up some tension by asking us some questions to take our mind off our fears, while encouraging us on and coaching us step by step.

Abseiling is fun and all you have to do is to be confident and follow the steps. (Even if there should be any hiccups, the belayers are trained to stop the fall.) Besides abseiling, Kalbarri National Park is an excellent spot to hike with its dramatic inland gorges, magnificent coastal scenery and variety of wildlife and wildflowers.

Tip: There can be many flies at certain areas of the park. Get ready flies repellent/face cream/fly nets/ sunglasses to keep the flies off your face, especially the nose and mouth. As usual, sunscreen and water are a must under the hot summery weather!

Kalbarri Abseil

Address: Kalbarri WA 6536 | Tel: (+61 8) 9937 1618 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Facebook: @kalbarri.abseil

3. Perth Adventure Australia – Quad Bike on picturesque sand dunes at Kalbarri Wagoe Beach

Unlike adrenaline-packed dusty trails or jungle quad bike trails, set on an enjoyable and relaxing drive on a fully guided self-drive quad bike and beach buggy tour by Kalbarri Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours! What better way to soak up the beautiful scenery than a drive through the sand dunes and along the windy coastline, watching waves crashing in. Though it is a relatively enjoyable ride, be sure that the ride can be bumpy on the white sandy beaches dotted with dark patches of rocks and watch out for those times where you have to ride against the slopes and maintain the momentum to stay on the slopes without sliding down.

Tip: You would have to present your driving license to be a rider, otherwise you would have to be the passenger. It can get really windy and you will feel the sands hitting against your skin as you ride through the sand dunes. Be sure to gear up with light long sleeves shirt/ pants (preferable), sunglasses (important to protect the eyes from the sand!), face mask/scarf (provided by Kalbarri Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours), sunscreen and a bottle of water.

Kalbarri Wagoe Beach Quad Bike Tours

Address: 4043 George Grey Drive, Kalbarri WA 6536 | Tel: (+61 8) 9936 6060 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Facebook: @kalbarriquads

4. Perth Adventure Australia – Koalas, Kangaroos & discover Aboriginal culture at Yanchep National Park

Get close to Australia’s native animal, Koalas at Yanchep National Park, which offers visitors a chance to stroll on the 240-metre Koala broadwalk to see the Koalas in their natural environment. As much as we love to cuddle these snuggly-looking Koalas, we learnt that most of the attraction parks in Australia have banned visitors from hugging them because Koalas need up to 22 hours of sleep a day, the lack-of could be life-threatening to them. In Yanchep National Park, you can also spot some wild Western Grey Kangaroos! They are usually roaming around the recreation areas in the early morning and resting under the bushes in the afternoon when it is hotter.

We were also in for a treat on the Wanga Mia Aboriginal cultural tour when we met Derek, the indigenous guide. Starting from family structures, to ancient hunting tools, knowledge of plants/animals, languages, songs, dances, didgeridoo demonstration to seasonal movements, Derek brought us into the enthralling world of the Noongar people. It was an eye-opening tour indeed, which has definitely widened our horizons and let us have a deeper appreciation for the aboriginal roots.

Tip: Advanced booking for the Wanga Mia Aboriginal cultural tour is required.

Yanchep Inn

Address: Yanchep National Park, Yanchep WA 6035 | Tel: (+61 8) 9561 1001 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Facebook: @TheYanchepInn

5. Perth Adventure Australia – Western Australia’s most haunted Oakabella Homestead

Many tales have been told about this apparently most haunted place in Western Australia, Oakabella Homestead. For those who are brave enough, there is a guided tour through the original 13 room homestead and outbuilding, including the unique two-storey buttressed barn, which now serves as Oakabella’s museum. Although some parts of the buildings have been restored, much of the original antiques and trinkets are still preserved including a 1900s pump organ and some skeletons that had been unearthed in the compound and now buried under one of the planks in the bedroom.

Throughout the tour, the guide or owner of the place will share stories of the preoccupants and some of the unfortunate accidents that had happened within the homestead, definitely something not for the faint-hearted. Before or after the tour, you can stop by the café in Oakabella Homestead for some wonderful tasting food and drinks such as homemade panini, nachos, toasted croissants and what we heard, Western Australia’s best scones!

Tip: Not for the faint-hearted.

Oakabella Homestead

Address: Starling Road, Oakabella WA 6532 | Tel: (+61 8) 9925 1033 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Facebook: @OakabellaHomestead

6. Perth Adventure Australia – Sandboarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes

Still can’t get enough of the sand dunes? Drive over to “Have a Chat General Store”, situated in Lancelin Town Centre to rent a sandboard and have some fun sliding down the sand dunes with a couple of friends all morning! Rental of sandboards are available at AUD 10 for each sandboard, with a deposit of AUD50. Lancelin is one Australia’s premier sandboarding destination that boasts of its pristine white sands and clear blue skies. 

Tip: Have your sunglasses and face mask on to prevent sand from getting into your eyes, nose and mouth. Of course, ensure that your hands are not holding on to the board in case your fingers get hurt while sliding down.

Have a Chat General Store

Address: 104 Gingin Rd, Lancelin WA 6044 | Tel: (+61 8) 9655 1054

7. Perth Adventure Australia – City tour on a Segway

When you’re back in the city, maximise your visit and don’t miss out on any remarkable sights within Perth City. Hop onto a Segway with Segway Tours WA and cruise along the city to admire the beauty while uncovering the stories, histories and plans behind the city’s developments. Choose from 3 different tours, City Riverside Tour, East Foreshore and City Tour or the Kings Park Tour. We went on the Kings Park Tour where we soaked ourselves in the idyllic nature trails, gardens and open parklands. There will be a short training session to guide you on how to get a grip of your Segway before you start making your way out into the city and parks, so fret not.

Tip: Keep a camera with you in the bag attached to the front of your Segway, so you can stop by designated spots to capture beautiful photographs.

Segway Tours WA

Address: 1 Barrack Square, Barrack Street, Perth WA 6000 | Tel: (+61 8) 9325 5790 | Email: [email protected] | Website: | Facebook: @SegwayToursWA

Written by: Magdalene Tan

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