Party Cakes You Should Try At Least Once

Whether you are a meat eater, veggie lover or have a sweet tooth, chances are you will not doubt that cake is a universal meal to give as a present to your birthday colleague, to treat your family and friends with tea and a marvellous snack to go with some kinds of alcohol. It is also a perfect fit for a candy-exchange party among kids, an alternative to the store-bought stuff. The homemade cake will definitely hold its own and will help express your creativeness and attitude towards those, who will get it as a present.

If you are going to surprise your friends and treat them with afternoon tea or a snack for a weak wine, try to cook Limoncello Cake, which will work absolutely perfectly with both coffee and some alcohol with which you are going to gather, for example, for a housewarming party. Just make sure in advance that nobody is allergic to citrus as this mouthwatering cake is a citrus-flavoured dessert with a tang of liquor and delicious frosting. Its saturated texture, soaked with lemon flavours will keep all the moisture inside and wonderful frosting will satisfy your sweet tooth.

A fine vibe of Mediterranean will transfer you and all your company to the seashore with a fresh breeze. The form of the cake and its health benefits depend on you entirely. You are free to choose any pan: round, square or any and use butter or sour cream as a fatty base for the batter. If you are eager to cut the calories down, try sour cream or let them take turns once in a while. Also, do not hesitate to save time and efforts and use a ready-made yellow cake mix as a base. If your party is going to be with the children, turn the recipe into a kid-friendly one, substituting limoncello for regular lemon juice for the frosting.

As everyone knows, homemade presents are the most precious gifts that people may get. Of course, it takes time and efforts, but you may be sure you will satisfy all the cravings of a person for a soulful gift that will always stay green in his mind. One of the universal presence is something cooked at home. Tastes differ and it may happen that you are not just aware of a person’s wishes. The cake is a perfect present that can be shared with friends at once and it is quite good to give your boss at work because something huge and expensive may be considered subservience.

So, anyway, a homemade cake is an ideal present that gives positive emotions, cover all the requirements for a suitable gift for a particular occasion and at the same time takes adequate efforts and saves money. One of my favourites is Pina Colada Cake; I used it as a present twice and my friends felt on cloud nine as it was an absolutely delicious, tender treat to please the whole crowd. At the same time, it served a sign of attention in which all my love and respect were put.

Nothing is better than meeting with parents and relatives, and quite often every gathering seems punctuated by the opportunity to eat. So, it makes sense to cut costs and create an unforgettable friendly atmosphere within the comfort of your own home. An alcohol-flavoured cake like Bacardi Rum Cake is an easy and fast way to greet and treat your guests. You just need to step off the way from work and buy a regular yellow cake box mix, some Bacardi rum, and all the other ingredients are your fridge essentials, I am sure. For the streusel, any kind of crushed nuts will do: walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and so on, and chances are also within the easy reach in your kitchen.

This Bacardi Rum Cake reminds of the Caribbean holidays where everything is infiltrated by rum, exotic aromas with the hint of laziness, relax and happiness. If you are trying to avoid much alcohol, but still want to keep the rum flavour, use all alcohol on the batter. It evaporates while baking. But if you want to enjoy all the variety of flavours and aromas and have a little kick after eating, put the rum in the glaze and keep the cake covered for at least 6-7 hours for the rum to soak evenly into the cake.

As you see, the variants of cakes are great in number, but all of them perfectly do as party-style recipes and will perform at their best as snacks, presents and treats with tea or coffee. Homemade cakes are always on the top of the party menu and real crowd pleasers.

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