Asia Becomes The Ultimate Millennial Travel Zone

Travel is one of the only things one can buy that makes them richer. This has been said quite often, and it could not be truer. There is something decidedly revitalising and enriching to throw ourselves into the beautiful chaos that is travel – even (and sometimes especially) if it means quite literally throwing caution to the wind and diving headfirst into it all. When considering places to book for one’s next big travel experience, there are many that spring to mind immediately as the “ultimate” destinations. There is one area of the world that has not always had this mark. But that is all changing now, as the lure to Asia rises ever higher.

From the decidedly cost-effective Bali holidays, to the remote work trips to Vietnam, and everywhere in between, Asia is fast becoming the travel hot spot of millennials the world over. It makes perfect sense why. Throughout Asia, one can explore the ruins of the past, the vibrant beauty of the ocean and its reefs and marine wildlife, the beautiful landscapes of the mountains and the sea, vivid cities peppered with incredible architecture and wonderful animals…the list goes on and on (and on and on). In short, there really is something for everyone in Asia, and it is a collective part of the world that inspires that in all of us.

Asia as the ultimate escape to natural beauty

Long considered to be one of the lesser-desirable destinations around the world, Asia is fast coming into its own as a prime destination for thrill seekers and lovers of the natural world. Throughout Asia, one can experience towering mountainsides, cascading waterfalls, vibrantly coloured reefs and marine wildlife, and exotic wildlife, and everything in between. There truly is something other-worldly about Asia, and it starts with the natural beauty that quite literally immerses and surrounds you from the moment you are flying over your destination, ready to land, to well after you have moved on to the next travel destination on your list.

Asia as a hot spot for digital nomads

There is a whole new frontier in the workforce, and it is being driven by millennials. The rise of the remote workplace, and in turn the legion of surging digital nomads populations around Asia, have effectively created a network that allows digital nomads to work from any number of countries and islands. The internet connectivity is getting better every day – and is even faster than it is in Australia in some places – as is the community that allows individuals to have the best of both worlds, travelling and working simultaneously, and creating the kind of life people once only dreamed were possible.

Asia as a cost-effective ticket to adventure

Many parts of the world are as expensive as they are beautiful. In Asia, however, everything is generally much cheaper than it would be anywhere else that looked like Asian regions. The largest difference is of course the third world effect, but it is also just the untouched nature of many of these places, and the respect the locals and (most) tourists have for keeping it as naturally beautiful as possible, that sets it apart from the rest of the world. Asia is a region for adventure, awe-inspiring experiences, history, and learning about oneself. It is a bucket list region, without question, and you best get there before the rest of the world figures this out.

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