Your Guide to Getting a Nose Fillers Treatment in Singapore

Looking to enhance your nose’s features, but are hesitant to get surgery? We can’t blame you. A majority of patients that wish to have noses that have taller nose bridges, sharper nose tips, and well-defined contours delay getting augmentation procedures because they are not willing to take the risks that come with undergoing plastic surgery.

Did you know that there is actually a non-surgical nose augmentation procedure that exists since the mid-1800s? Yes, nose fillers! Although nose fillers have existed for a long time, they only gained popularity in the 21st century when non-toxic substances were developed and proven safe to use in the human body.

What are nose fillers?

Nose fillers are substances made up of either Hyaluronic Acid or Calcium Hydroxyapatite. The fillers are biocompatible and viscous in composition, which adds volume when injected into the skin of the nose. This composition also makes it possible for the treated areas to be moulded accordingly to the desired nose enhancement.

What are the benefits of nose fillers?

Choosing nose fillers to enhance certain features of your nose come with the following benefits:

  • Able to correct humps or bumps in the nose
  • Adds height to the nose bridge
  • Lifts nose tip better than thread lifts
  • Downtime is minimal
  • Procedure is quick
  • Reversible procedure
  • Skilled and experienced doctors are able to mould the nose accurately according to the patient’s requests

How is a nose fillers procedure done?

As Dr Wan, co-founder of 1Aesthetics Medical & Surgery in Singapore explains, on the day of the nose filler treatment, the target areas for treatment will be cleansed. After cleansing, the nose will be numbed using a numbing cream. This is done so that the patient will not feel any pain or discomfort once the procedure starts. The injection of the dermal fillers follows as soon as the numbing cream takes effect. Once the nose fillers have been injected, the doctor will proceed to sculpt or mould the parts of the nose the need enhancements. Doctors should know how to keep the balance of the different facial features when augmenting the nose.

Do remember to ask for a fresh syringe of nose fillers prior to your procedure. You will know when your doctor is using new fillers as these are contained in vacuumed packets to ensure safety and avoid contamination.

What are the disadvantages or risks of getting nose fillers?

Nose fillers have the tendency to spread to the other parts of the nose. When this happens, the nose may look wider. Nose fillers also may cause grave risks and side effects, such as blindness and skin necrosis. Blindness can happen when the procedure is done using poor methods. Infections can also happen. This is why it is extremely important to choose experienced clinics and practitioners to perform this procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

The numbing cream should lessen the pain felt during the procedure. Patients can expect to feel a slight puncturing sensation on the treatment areas once the doctor starts administering the nose fillers.

How long does it take to complete one session of nose fillers treatment?

Nose fillers treatment in Singapore can be completed within 30 minutes to an hour (including preparation time).

How long before does it take for results to be seen?

Results can be seen immediately after the procedure is done.

What do I expect after the procedure?

You can expect minor bruising and swelling to occur around the nose area. These, however, are temporary and should be gone within a few days after the procedure.

How long do the results of a nose fillers treatment last?

The results of a nose filler procedure can last for approximately 1 year. Long-term results can be achieved when the treatment is done regularly.

What brands of nose fillers are available in Singapore?

The popular brands of nose fillers in Singapore are:

  • Belotero Intense (Hyaluronic acid based)
  • Juvederm (Hyaluronic acid based)
  • Radiesse (Calcium hydroxyapatite based)
  • Teosyal Ultradeep (Hyaluronic acid based)

How much does a treatment of nose fillers cost?

The treatment cost of nose fillers will highly depend on the brand of fillers to be used. The cost of a syringe of nose filler ranges from $700 to $1,200.

What aftercare tips do I need to follow after a treatment?

Patients can return to their normal routine after a treatment. Doctors strongly advise patients to avoid these activities in the days following the procedure:

  • Alcohol consumption – alcohol causes a vasodilatory effect and may cause bruising to worsen
  • Application of pressure on the treated areas – nose fillers take a few days to settle in their new mold. Patients should not apply pressure on the treated areas to avoid deforming the new structure. Skip facial massages up until you get the green light from your doctor that your nose is in perfect shape.

Can this procedure be combined with another?

Yes, a nose fillers treatment works best when combined with a nose thread lift procedure.

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