Fullerton Health Screening Pods – World’s First For Pampering Check-ups

I am sure most of us are no stranger to regular health screenings. Our personal lifestyle, the stress of modern living or family medical history can predispose us to silent killers such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancers. Troublesome as they may be, health screenings are essential for the early detection of diseases and conditions which often do not produce early warning signs. If you or your loved ones are dreading to go for the next annual medical check-up, I think you are going to love the new Fullerton Health Screening Pods. They are the world’s first and promises to give you a pampering annual check-up you would never forget.  

The Fullerton Health Screening Pods Experience

I started my experience by booking an appointment for Live Fuller Silver Scan Package $321.00 (including GST) through Fullerton Health website. Once the appointment was reserved, I received a detailed email with pre-screening instructions as well as a call from their customer service staff just a day before to confirm the appointment and highlight some of the key screening requirements to obtain an accurate result. On the actual day of the appointment, the ‘check-in’ was really smooth, there was no waiting. My Fullerton Health Screening Pod was already ready and prepared. The curtains can be drawn to provide added privacy for your session.

I loved the spacious layout of the pod and the surprisingly impeccable service of the staff. Great service from medical staffs is very much appreciated but usually not expected. The pods are scented with the Live Fuller Fragrance which offers anti-bacterial and anti‑viral properties. The seat with its headrest and cushions were amazingly comfortable and you can pull out the extension for a footrest too.

Bored while their highly experienced nurses are doing their checks? Why not watch a youtube video or surf the net on your own entertainment system? 

The pod is also completed with your own private cabinet to keep your valuables safe under the number lock. 

I swear my mind was probably tricked into thinking that I am sitting in the business class seat on an airline right now. The nurses eventually got me back to business by explaining the tests that I would be doing. Most of the tests will be done in the comfort of my pod without me having to move about. 

First, we cleared the blood extraction for lab tests.  

Next, my ECG was done. These two test requires you to fast and steer away from caffeinated drinks. If you would like to have your health screening done in the afternoon, there is no need for you to fast the entire morning. For a limited time only, you can choose to have your blood drawn at least a day before your appointment with no additional cost, at a time and location of your choice. You just need to quote “Draw My Blood” when you dial Fullerton Health’s hotline. This way, you can still enjoy breakfast and lunch on the day of your health screening.

Once these two tests are completed, I am cleared for breakfast and coffee! There is no need to request, the attentive nurses have already prepared and placed my complimentary Delifrance breakfast in my pod.  

What can I say? Unbelievable service and experience for a medical establishment. I am so impressed.   

The remaining tests were pretty simple and straight forward. I do enjoy the eye tests. Other than the usual cover one eye and read out the alphabets, I did a close-up reading test too.   

Once all the tests were completed, the final station would be one with their experienced doctors. My doctor was comprehensive in his assessments and I felt really at ease sharing with him what some of my concerns were. With that, I will be receiving a detailed medical report within 14 working days.

At the end of the entire session, I find it really hard to part with my pod. I enjoyed the privacy and exclusivity provided, I envision it as my personal hideaway where I can just sit back, relax and be entertained.  

This experience does not come with a hefty price tag. The most basic package – Live Fuller Silver Scan which I did is priced at just $321 (inclusive of GST). 

To book your first Health Screening Pod experience, call Fullerton Hotline at 6333 3636 or visit bit.ly/ExecutiveHealthScreening to make an appointment today!

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