Five Best Places To Visit In Malaysia On A Motorcycle Tour

Many people around us are on the quest of finding themselves seeking adventure while roaming around nature. Avid travellers mostly prefer travelling on a bike to connect with their surroundings. Touring on a motorbike has more pros than cons. Also, a motorcycle is comparatively eco-friendlier and cost-effective in comparison to the four-wheelers. Motorcycle tour needs proper planning so plan wisely, keep a map of your route, highlighting the authorized service centres of your bike. So, even if your ride breaks down during the trip, you can efficiently manage to get it fixed by getting genuine motorcycle OEM parts. Let’s check out some of the places in Malaysia which you can explore on a motorcycle.

Cameron Highlands

You can discover the untouched beauties of Cameron Highlands in district Pahang, to the east of Perak. It’s the backbone of Malaysia as the mountain range lies in the centre of it. The main towns of Cameron Highlands are Brinchang, Tanah Rata (undeclared Capital), and Ringlet. They have good numbers of hotels in these towns, so lodging isn’t difficult even if you have no reservation, but still it is always better to travel with a proper plan.

You can visit tea terraces and local farms in Cameron Highlands. Try visiting the mossy forests for a fresh experience. If you like outdoor adventures, then Cameron Highlands is a good choice. Here you can experience the most mesmerizing views and stimulating environment on your bike.


The state of Selangor is located to the west of capital Kuala Lumpur. This place has good numbers of worth seeing places with exciting views and adventure. On a bike, one can visit the Batu caves to the north-east and open your eyes to the mysterious beauties of Nature,  Also, if you want to dig the history or culture of this beautiful country; there are many historical temples with different traditions from one another. This state is not just ancient, but you can also experience some modern world’s rides in The Sunway Lagoon water park and visit the Negara Zoo. For more sight-seeing and escapade, you can trek Bukit Tabur viewpoint and mesmerize the peaceful view of the state as well as Chilling Waterfalls to get a chill for your peace-seeking soul.

Kuala Kangsar

The Royal town of Kuala Kangsar in Perak, Malaysia is located at the junction of rivers of Kangsar and Perak. On the bike, you can wander around the royal city with its amazement and beauties. You can feel and experience the environment of the town and the life of its people. Tour without photos are incomplete, and you can grab a lot of photography opportunities to capture the beauty of this town more easily when you are on a bike.

While in the city, you can visit the Palace of Perak sultanate Istana Iskandriah, and Ubudiah mosque for architectural history. If you’ve got a thing for historical and artistic galleries, then you should visit Sultan Azlan Shah gallery and Perak Royal Museum.

Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut island is famous for its luxurious resorts and fascinating, cool blue sea-water. You can hit up for the ruins of Dutch Fort and Fu Lin Kong temple. You can do row boating at Pulau Giam and take a sunbath on the beaches of Pasir Bogak. 

Mersing in Johor

Mersing is the departure port for ferries to the off-shore islands around the area. Here, you can take your bike on a ferry ride to the beautiful Islands of Rawa, Sibu, Bisar, and Tinggi. Take out quality time to visit Gunung Arong Recreational Forest located 17 km from the town of Mersing, 22 km from the town of Endau and 151 km from Johor Bahru. This area is apt for recreational activities, and it also allows travellers to relish the beauty of nature discovering different species of tree found there. This forest is accessible by own vehicle or by public transport. If that’s not enough and you wish for some serenity, then you can visit the Hindu temple of Sri Subramanium, and Jamec Bandar Mosque for panoramic views.

Exploring Malaysia on a Motorcycle can give you a life-time unforgettable moment but take care of your trip with appropriate planning. If you want to customize your bike for your trip; go for it as they can be easily upgraded with the help of affordable aftermarket accessories. If you are a Suzuki or Yamaha fan, you can customize your motorcycle; there are many online and offline stores where you can get motorcycle accessories such as yamaha frazer modification parts or suzuki-oem-parts. Now, when everything is done, all that you need is – pack your bags and go out to zoom in the whole thing you want.

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