Pokémon Go Easter Will See You Hatch Rare Pokémon Doubly Fast

This Easter is going to be more than just your usual eggs and bunnies. Like what they have done previously for Halloween and Christmas, Pokémon Go is embracing the festive in a big way by giving you the chance to hatch rare Pokémon from eggs from 4am (Singapore time), 14 April to 4am (Singapore time), 20 April 2017. If you have not been switching on your game for a while, it is time to download the latest version and start your Pokémon Egg hunt. You will know you are on the right track when you see their latest safety reminder with Onix. Follow us as we bring you through what you can expect from this latest festive event!

1. Double The XP

Yes, anything you do during this period will offer you double the experience. So if you have been struggling to level up, this is the best time to get your trainer into action.

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2. Hatch Rare Pokémon

An increased variety of Pokémon will be found in two-kilometer Eggs during the event. There are rumours that rare Pokemon such as Lapras and Snorlax would be more easily obtainable from 2KM eggs, but it’s not known if ALL 10KM egg Pokemon will be more common. Fingers crossed!

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3. More Candies For Everyone

Hatching eggs will also earn you more candy than usual.

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4. 50% Discount For Lucky Egg

Bargain hunters will be thrilled to know that Lucky Egg items will be sold for half their usual price in the game’s shop. This is a good deal considering how rare these eggs are found in the wild in the first place. If you want to maximise XP earnings to level up your trainer, this is the best time to stock up those eggs.

5. Quadruple Your XP

If you put Point 1 and Point 4 together, you should realise that you have the chance to x4 your XP earnings by using Lucky Eggs during the festive double XP period. May everyone hit Level 40 over the next few days!

6.  Potential Chance For Another Shiny Pokémon

There are rumours that Niantic does indeed have plans to release a new Shiny Pokémon this week, however, it’s not known which one, at this time. There is also the chance that Niantic could add a temporary mechanic to the game to allow you to hatch a shiny Pokémon.

We hope you find the above update useful. Do share your comments and recommendations on how fellow trainers can milk Easter to the max!

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