Salon de Royal Kyoto – Chocolate Fit For Royalty In Singapore

Salon de Royal Kyoto, a chocolatier café from Kyoto, will set foot for the first time overseas, and they have chosen Singapore as their first destination. The cafe was founded in 1935 during the early Showa era where chocolate was a luxury and commanded a long-running history of chocolatiers. What sets Salon de Royal’s chocolates apart from others is how their chocolates shine like jewels, giving them a luxurious feel and fit for royalty. From 18 April till the end of May 2017, Salon de Royal Kyoto’s chocolates and sweets will be made available to the public as a pop-up shop at Japan Food Town, level 4 of Wisma Atria.

“Salon de Royal Kyoto is well received among the locals here in Japan. We want more people, not just Japanese, to have a taste of what high-quality chocolates made with time-old Japanese techniques taste like,” says CEO Ms Machiko Maeuchi. The café in Kyoto sits next to a river. The quaint traditional atmosphere and modern stylishness blend together to create a unique space that welcomes guests from all over the world.

On 18 April 2017, Tuesday, Chef Hiroyuki Emori, who is Salon de Royal Kyoto’s official advisor, will be gracing the opening event in Singapore. This event is open to media and invited guests only, with a special ice-cream show – a unique dessert demonstration done for the first time ever. Chef Emori studied under the direct mentorship of Franck Fresson, award-winning Meilleur Ouvrier de France, in Pâtisserie FRESSON in France, and has won many awards at global tournaments, giving him worldwide recognition.

The public will be able to watch similar demonstrations by Chef Emori on the next day on 19 April 2017, Wednesday. Joining him are five other patissiers from the café in Kyoto to show off their chocolate-making skills that embody the pride of Salon de Royal Kyoto.

While Chef Emori will return to Japan after 19 April, the five patissiers will stay on for the entire promotional period to give demonstrations to the public at five different timings every day until the end of May. Viewers will get to see the techniques that go into making these popular Japanese chocolates known for their beautiful coatings, and even get to taste them for free.

Chocolates On Sales

Chocolates only available at the café in Kyoto will be on sale. One of the highlights of this campaign is a limited edition ice cream created especially for Singapore – a pecan nut flavoured ice cream with a hint of Kinako (soybean powder), all packed into a Monaka wafer. You must also try the chocolate bon bon, often referred to as the king of chocolate. It is packed in traditional “Japanese lacquer” craft boxes or served in Matcha bowls.

The pecan nut is the signature ingredient of Salon de Royal, and they use up to 1/3 of all pecan nuts produced in Japan. Chocolates range from $12.00 to $200.00.

There are also other variations of the chocolate with flavours like Matcha, Caramel, Coco, Sesame, Strawberry that you can choose from.

Make your date with chocolates fit for royalty from Salon de Royal Kyoto from 18 April onwards at Japan Food Town, level 4 of Wisma Atria!

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