5 Ways Bad Hair & Scalp Can Screw Up Your Life & How To Fix It!

Our hair is often seen as a reflection of our identity because it is both personal and public. Unfortunately, many of us do not realise how important our hair and scalp are to our personal well-being and aspirations until we run into serious hair issues. Hair loss and scalp problems if left untreated can affect more than just how we look. They can lead to serious implications on your everyday life socially, professionally and even potentially influence you mentally. Let’s check out how bad hair and scalp can screw up your life and what you can do to fix it!

1. Subject Of Social Ridicule

Sadly, even as are becoming more civilised these days, patches of hair loss and baldness is an object of ridicule or disrespect. Research has proved that a staggering 60 % of bald males are mocked sometime during their lives because of their hair loss.

2. Limited Hairstyle Options

The hairstyle is a significant concern as soon as signs of balding appears. Many men and women find it hard to find a way to comb their hair in a way that will conceal the severity of the problem. In addition, the fact that they cannot set their hair the way they used to often gets on their nerves.

3. Tough Getting A Date & Keeping It Going 

A huge part of dating is about making yourself appear attractive enough for someone to want to spend time with you. If you are single and have a thinning hair problem, it would probably be an uphill climb to get a date unless you are really charismatic. Of course, some folks opt for wigs but that is not the root solution to the problem. Will he or she be able to accept you without the wig?

4. Lower Your Chances At An Interview

Whether you like it or not, hiring managers form first impressions about you in a matter of seconds. What you wear,  your personal grooming, facial expression, the way you enter the room and your handshake all contribute to this impression. This first impression can affect an interviewer’s attitude toward you throughout the evaluation process. Hair loss or hair problems lower your confidence level and gives an indirect signal of poor grooming. You will probably have to work doubly hard to convince them during your interview.

5. Screws Up Your Self Worth

Recent research found that your perception of your own physical attractiveness has an even greater effect on your mindset towards life than previously suspected. Seeing yourself as physically attractive leads you to believe you belong in a higher social class and also believe, accordingly, that hierarchies are a legitimate way for organising people and groups. Lousy hair and scalp on the hand may cause you to feel you deserve to be lower down in the social hierarchy and even lead to depression.

You Can Fix It With TK TrichoKare

Thankfully, having hair loss and scalp issues does not mean the end of the road. The professionals at TrichoKare are here to help to return back to normal scalp! TrichoKare is a scalp specialist hair centre that offers trichologist-validated treatment using premium European herbal hair remedies. Given that our scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, their treatments guarantee real solutions to the root of your problem. They offer a wide range of treatments that cover a huge range of problems – from hair thinning, greasy scalp, grey hair and other scalp conditions. 

The Consultation

Our writer, William is a trendy individual who loves to colour his hair once in a while. When we first spoke to him on the treatment, he felt he didn’t need it as he felt there was no issue with his hair and scalp. But we still managed to convince him to give it a go and see the treatment as a regular hair and scalp maintenance.

William was pleasantly surprised by the classy European touch to the ambience as well as the professionalism of the staff at the TrichoKare Novena Branch.

During the consultation, his Hair Specialist, Jo Tan invited him to share more about his lifestyle, diet and medical history. Because our hair and scalp can be affected by things we eat, our workout routine and hormonal balance, William’s answers will help Jo understand his existing condition and customise the most effective treatment for him.

Next, the hair specialist took close up scans of his scalp. That was when William received the shock of his life. It seems his scalp and hair was not as rosy as he thought they would be! Looks like now TrichoKare finally got his attention.

The Treatment

Due to numerous bleaching, William suffers from an oily scalp and slight hair thinning. Jo customised a special treatment programme using European herbal hair remedy to provide a solution to his hair and scalp problems.

First, William’s hair was treated with a herbal serum to alleviate the excessive oil covering over his pores. This helps to unclog our pores allowing for our hair to grow and flourish. It was then followed by a relaxing hair wash to rinse off the serum.


Next, a herbal hair tonic was applied to nourish his scalp and hair.


Followed by a hair and scalp massage to enhance absorption.The entire process was so pampering that William actually fell asleep more than once!


The final step consists of William going under futuristic infrared red light therapy which helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp.

William’s Verdict

With much reluctance, William showed his shocking ‘before and after’ photo. We can see clearly from the photos that his scalp has been cleared of the excessive oil, pores unblocked and hair strengthened with just one single session.

‘I always thought I have problem-free hair. It came as a surprise that I have a greasy scalp and slight thinning. If not for this informative session, I would have turned a blind eye and allowed my condition to worsen. Thank you TK TrichoKare for the education process and bring me on the right track to healthier hair and scalp! From the post-treatment scans, I can see that my pores were VISIBLY dilated and free of clogged oil! Those disgusting oil flakes had also lessened! – William Tan

Imagine the result you can potentially get with regular treatment and maintenance.  Don’t just take our words for it. They have raving reviews from their existing customers.

The folks at TrichoKare know their stuff and that is probably the reason why they have won numerous awards including the Elle Beauty Treat List 2017, Her World Spa Awards 2016, Bazaar Hair Awards 2016 and Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016. 

Plus if even celebrities such as Xiaxue, Jaynesh and Anand visited TrichoKare to have their hair problems solved, you can be assured of their treatment quality.

 Take Charge Of Your Hair & Scalp now!

To register your interest with TrichoKare, click here! They have 5 outlets located at convenient locations across Singapore.

1. Velocity@Novena Square #03-19 (Novena MRT Station)

2. The Clementi Mall #05-11 (Clementi MRT Station)

3. Nex #02-24 (Serangoon MRT Station)

4. Orchardgateway #02-12 (Somerset MRT Station)

5. Compass One #04-10 (Sengkang MRT Station)

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 7pm (Weekends & Public Holidays)

The best part? After your trial treatment, you also stand to win 2D1N MBS Staycation too! Wait no more, experience the TrichoKare treatment today!

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