Tips For Hiring A Mobile Bar

No event is complete without something to drink. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding reception, or a get together of family and friends, drinks are very essential. This is why some part of the budget goes to providing drinks to go round. The larger the event, the more drinks involved, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Buying drinks can be very tough since you have a lot to cater for. The best option in such cases is to hire a mobile bar.  

Like a regular bar, a mobile bar is stocked with drinks. The unique thing, however, is that you do not go to this type of bar, instead it comes to you. You can book a mobile bar to come to your event and provide drinks, while you worry about other things. 

If you are planning an event, then a mobile bar hire should be among your plans for the following reasons.

1. Cost-Effective 

Buying drinks by the crates or cartons can be very expensive, no matter how much discount you think you might enjoy. You may even buy more drinks than you probably need. A mobile bar provides drinks at a lesser cost, serving your guests anyhow they like it. This would make you spend less than you would if you had decided to buy the drinks yourself. 

2. Variety 

From wines to cocktails to sodas for the kids, a mobile bar has it all. No matter the type of event, they have a stock of drinks for the guest available. They would offer more than you would if you had decided to provide the drinks yourself. 

3. Convenience 

Leaving the job of the provision of drinks to a mobile bar allows you to focus on other things in preparation for your event. There are decorations to worry about, food, and so on. These things need your full attention and by having to worry less about drinks, you can focus on other important things. 

4. Stress-free

A mobile bar often comes with staff who serve the drinks. This saves you from having to deal with the stress and distraction of serving people, allowing you to fully enjoy your event just like the guests you invite. 

5. Professional Touch

Bartenders present in a mobile bar serve drinks with the same professionalism you would find at any bar, including how to mix drinks. 

6. Welfare

The staff in the mobile bar would see to it that everyone in the bar has had their drinks. Enough drinks are provided and people are served as much as they need. This ensures that everyone present in the event is satisfied. 

Choosing a mobile bar makes things easier not only for you but for your guests who would enjoy the service. 

Before hiring a mobile bar, you need to also make the following decisions

1. Number Of Guests

The number of people you are inviting should be something you should take notice of when hiring a mobile bar. You can relate the information to them so that they can use it to plan for the number of drinks they would bring. This would prevent the possibility of a shortage or you paying for more drinks than you need. This also allows the bar to plan on how many staff to hire to help in serving guests. 

2. Type Of Event

A kid’s birthday party would require less alcoholic drinks and more soft drinks. A wedding would require a variety of drinks, including cocktails. Different types of events require different types of drinks. 

3. Theme Of Event

If the event has a specific colour or design to be used, you should take it to heart when hiring the bar. Mobile bars come in different colours and can be customized with designs to fit the event of the day. 

4. Distance

The last thing you should do is hire a mobile bar that is out of town. Apart from being expensive, it could be stranded in traffic or face challenges that could make it arrive at your event late or want to leave earlier than planned. Stick with a mobile bar hire that is near your home or in your town to make things more predictable. 

5. Budget

The money you are also budgeting is also something you need to consider before picking a mobile bar. Although mobile bars are cheaper than buying drinks for yourself, they also vary in price, with some being more expensive than others. Try to always settle for the ones in the middle range as a bar that is too cheap may provide very bad service.

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