How To Conciliate Travelling And Following A Specific Diet

It can be challenging to maintain a specific diet even when you are at home. When travelling is added to the mix, maintaining that diet is even more difficult. Travelling is often associated with eating, eating, and more eating. Everyone per se is worried about their diet when on a vacation or business trip. This is so because travelling presents a lot of obstacles that can keep you from staying within your special diet. How can you enjoy the fun and food when you have a special diet?

Back home it is easy to stick to your special diet because you are familiar with your daily routine. Travelling is a completely different thing. It is common for your schedule to be altered or on certain times, you may not have a schedule at all.

Travelling while on a special diet requires a lot of preparation. Aside from booking your itinerary, packing your clothes, passport, and other vacation musts, there are many other things you need to prepare and bear in mind. You need to make sure that having a special diet will not get on the way of you enjoying your trip!

1. Do some research

Most people like to indulge in food while travelling. You can do the same even if you are on a special diet. Research the food, customs, and traditions of your destination before leaving home. The best way to learn about the culture off a new city is to taste local food.

Do not deprive yourself the enjoyment of eating where the locals eat. Go ahead and have a taste of their local cuisine.  Apps like HappyCow or Yelp can help you find eateries and restaurants that are ideal for your special diet.

When looking for food around Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, the Original Saigon Restaurant will surely have the foods you need for your special diet on their menu.

2. Stay Hydrated

Regardless of your diet plan, having good hydration habits helps keep you healthy. Drinking a lot of water also helps curb your cravings. You can save a lot of money too if you take along a reusable water bottles instead of buying the overly expensive bottled water.

Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is important. Make sure to regularly drink water, especially when you are out exploring the tourist destinations. It is often easy to forget to drink water when things get to be too exciting and hectic.

3. Bring along Your Healthy Snacks

Take along your own healthy snacks. It will not only help you stay within your special diet, it will also be kind to your wallet. Pack some fibre-rich snacks such as dried fruits, and nuts that can help you eliminate the need to indulge in unhealthy food. You can also pack some homemade veggie chips.

Always having a healthy snack in your bag also keeps you from being hungry which will make you eat more in your next meal.  You can also stick to your routine of frequent small meals.

4. Always Start the Day with a Good Breakfast

Take advantage of your hotel’s breakfast buffet. Eat as much healthy food as you can such as oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables, and fresh fruits. You can even pack some fresh fruits to take along.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy for the rest of the day.  You should therefore make sure not to skip if even if your body clock is still out of balance.

5. Cook your Own Meals

It does not mean that since you are on a trip you will need to have all your meals in a restaurant. Find accommodations that have a refrigerator and a microwave.  There are also some accommodations that have shared kitchen facilities. This is one of the advantages of booking Air BnB accommodations.

With an available kitchenette, you can go to the nearest local grocery store to buy ingredients and cook your own food just like you would back home. You can also prepare meals before leaving home and keep them in the fridge.

6. Avoid Temptation

Drinking too much alcohol is one of the most common reasons many travellers stray off from their special diet. Alcoholic beverages, especially cocktails, contain too many calories.

When you are drinking you also have the tendency to eat foods that are high in calories such as salted nuts and chips.

Avoiding alcohol is not only good for your special diet but for your trip as well. A hangover can hamper some of your planned activities for the day.

7. Plan when to Eat Out

Eating out is always part of travelling. However, if you are on a special diet, you can plan out where and when to eat out. If you are planning on visiting Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, read here.

Planning where and when to eat out can also avoid impulsive decisions which can lead to poor choices of food and restaurants.

You can choose restaurants that offer food suitable to your special diet. This does not mean though that you need to deprive yourself of the experience of having a taste of the local cuisine. You still can by asking how the dish is going to be cooked as well as their ingredients.

You can perhaps have a cheat day. After all, you are on holiday. Be careful however to keep your cheat day/s in moderation so you can continue to be on track with your special diet.

8. Avoid Fast Foods

It is often unavoidable not to slip into a fast food restaurant while travelling. If you can’t avoid fast foods, as much as possible, choose fresh vegetables and salads on the menu and avoid the high in calories and fats meals.

9. Avoid Skipping Meals

Planning can ensure that you eat on time so you do not get hungry and increase your cravings.  It is also important not to skip meals even if you have a busy day. You need to stick with your normal eating schedule.

Keep in mind the consequences of skipping meals not only on your special diet but in your overall health.

10. Exercise

Your special diet is often accompanied by a special routine exercise. Avoid skipping your exercise routine even when on a trip. You can stay in a hotel with a gym or find a gym nearby. You can also take along your exercise CD and exercise in your hotel room.

Many travellers say that more pounds are one of the things you can bring back home from your travels. You can avoid bringing home extra pounds if you stick to your special diet. Planning, some research, a couple of adjustments, and commitment will help you stick to your special diet without depriving yourself while travelling.

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