Tips To Get Through A Long Flight

For those unfamiliar with 15-hour, or longer, flights, it can honestly be said that things are thick up there. Unlike long road trips where you get to break in between, long flights are continuous and tedious. These flights can be dull or enjoyable, depending on how you package yourself. Before booking that flight, have enough time to prepare and be ready for it. Long flights can be an excellent way to relax your mind, but only if you are aware of survival tactics. Below are tips to get you through a long flight.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Be advised on tight clothes. They are the last thing that you can bring on a long flight. Always go for those loose pants, for they leave you with enough space for the skin to breathe.

When it comes to the choice of shoes, you have to be careful. Being in a pair of shoes for over ten hours will make your feet sore. The best remedy to this is having some sneakers since they are comfortable to wear and remove when need be.

Position Yourself Strategically

When booking your ticket, be sure of the position of the seat that you opt for. Individuals who have been on a flight before will tell you that the best spot should be in proximity to a window. In such positions, you have a lot of freedom and space to stretch or sleep.

The same position provides an additional space where you can place your backpack. It is in these same positions that you are likely to find a strategic place to power your gadgets.


Good sleep and a noisy environment are two things that hardly go hand in hand. Naturally, planes are noisy and messy either from the sounds of the engine, music, or individual travelers. You will, at other times, get a combination of the three, which will make it hard for you to nap.

These increased disturbances are the reason you should bring along your sleeping earplugs. This specialized tool is soft to the ear and blocks all the sounds emanating from whichever sources. It is through this that you are guaranteed some quality sleep.

Don’t Forget Your Electronics

Frankly speaking, for how long can you survive without having to look at your phone in real life? Your guess must have been as good as mine. There is no difference between lives up there and here on the ground. If anything, you will need them more when on the plane.

Very often, you will need to update your friends on what you are up to, and it will be impossible without the phone. In addition to the phone, you will need an alternative source of power, thus the need for a power bank.

No matter how strong your battery is, it will be difficult for it to sustain you throughout the journey. You should also bring your USB cable and charger just in case there is a place to power your electronics on the plane.

For individuals who are traveling for the first time, I can assure you that you will see things that are new to you. That is why you will need a camera to document all that you see. The camera should also have an alternative source of power.

As you do all these, do not leave your headphones behind. Long trips can be hectic, thus creating a need for something to keep you busy. One of these things is music, which can be listened to through a good set of headphones over your ears.

Bring Your Neck Pillow

Sleeping is an essential part of these long travels that has to be planned for in advance. As part of the plans, you will need a neck pillow to aid in your sleeping endeavours.

Neck pillows ensure that your sleeping position is comfortable despite the positioning of the head. The good thing with them is that they can serve you for years before replacing them. Long flights without these pillows are similar to a suicide mission.

Sleep Masks

Just as stated earlier, sleep is part of the travel program that requires adequate planning. Regardless of the time of the day, there will be light emanating from various sources in the plane. All these will make it hard for you to catch some sleep.

The most reasonable approach to counter this is by using sleep masks. No tool blocks light from reaching your eyes better than this type of mask. It is made of soft material that does not irritate the skin.

Be sure that the mask you pick is the right size for you. Tight masks may hamper blood flow while sagging ones will let in light making it hard for you to sleep. This unique equipment sets you right into a sleeping mood.


This mostly applies to beginners who are likely to experience disturbing conditions while on a flight. Painkillers are the prominent drugs that should not be missed on the list.

A sudden change in the environment may cause some severe headaches, creating a need for these painkillers. You may also need some sleeping pills in case you struggle to catch some sleep.

Snacking Is Crucial

The anxiety that comes with a long flight will hardly allow you to feed well days before the flight. After all, heavy feeding is never recommended when such trips are calling.

It is for this reason that you have to bring some snacks with you. Place them on one side of your backpack for easy tracking when you need them.

Did you know that cabins use specialized pressure to provide oxygen for those on board? With this in place, you will often experience headaches and fatigue due to reduced oxygen levels. The best remedy to this is getting up regularly to stretch. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, be friendly to all.

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