Best 3 Tools For Photographers To Perform Image Search

There is a big difference between clicking images and producing impactful snapshots. To accomplish several tasks, photographers need to use certain soft wares. Image plagiarism is a very hard-hitting problem for owners. Due to this problem, their hard work goes to waste. When you publish an image after weeks of hard work and a hacker or scammer uses it for substandard product promotion, no one would visit your website for downloading purposes. The reverse image search tool is an option through which the image owner can get a list of all websites on which the image has been uploaded. If the uploading has been done on ten websites, the owner would know about each of them.

Apart from preventing image plagiarism, a photographer has to refine and fine-tune the snapshot. Fine-tuning and editing and very important steps because they help in converting the image to a presentable state. If you have clicked a picture and it has a lot of noise, the clarity will be hampered. An editing tool will improve the appearance by removing the noise.

Several tools are used by photographers so that the clicked pictures make a positive strong impression. Here are the best three tools for photographers.


How would you feel if one of your friends used something which you own without your permission? It is very much expected that the feeling would not be good. Image plagiarism is something which damages the expectations of professional photographers. What is image plagiarism? In simple terms, it is reusing / republishing of an image without consent of the owner. By taking a proactive action, you can take a legal move against the involved stake holder. Due to image plagiarism, photographers lose their reputation and the invested effort does not pay off. The simple reason is that the images are reused on various websites without proper permission. Thus, no one searches for the original source.

Prevent the illegitimate use of your image

It is necessary to have a proactive approach if you wish to prevent the misuse of your quality images. Through a reverse image search tool, you can check the websites, social media pages and all other online sources on which a particular image has been uploaded. Hence, if someone has reused a snapshot that you own, it would be highlighted.  For image owners, this is a sigh of relief as they can stop illegitimate image accesses from ruining their hard work.

Simple tool to use

Can you use a technically complex software if you don’t have previous usage knowledge? The answer to this question is no. Most users who are not tech savvy do not consider the option of using technological tools to perform their tasks. Reverse image search tools are very easy so users do not get stuck.

The only task you need to complete is uploading the image by entering the URL. If you have the image stored in the system memory, browse for it and upload it as a file. When you click the button to locate images, a list of websites would be shown on your screen. This list comprises of all domains on which the instances of the image are present.

If you are the image owner and you see several websites after performing reverse image search, it means that the specific picture has been reused illegitimately. In a nutshell, you can confirm whether there has been an image plagiarism activity or not by performing a reverse image search.

Skylum Luminar

It is not a professional practice to submit a clicked image in raw form. The biggest negative point of this approach is that the image does not get a lot of appreciation. Hence to make a picture look impressive and appealing, certain editing tools are used. Skylum Luminar is one of the better ones.

Modification of sky appearance

At times, photographers want to change the time of the portrayed in the image. If you have a bright sunny sky, you would want to replace it with a starry one. With Skylum Luminar, this task can be done very easily. There is no need to be an expert designer for this purpose. You can modify the sky by completing few simple steps.

Introduction of sunrays

There is nothing more appealing that sunny rays failing from the sky to the ground. However, in case of an image, it is not that simple. When you click the image in sunny weather, the picture would come out dark. Using Skylum Luminar, you can easily add sunny rays to the picture in a professional manner.

Adobe Photoshop

Adope Photoshop is one of the oldest image creation and editing tools. It is used by graphic designers, digital marketers as well as professional photographers. For instance, if you need to place a logo at the top of the picture, you can make one from the start by using this classic tool.

Adobe Photoshop comprises of several effective tools. One of them is the pen tool. It helps the user in constructing curves and adjusting the bends according to their own preferences. Using the pen tool is very simple but its scalability is very impressive. Photographers can make the most impressive changes to their images using this software.

Working with Layers 

Image editing can become very complicated if all the constituents are present in one instance. If you move the image, the written text would be distorted. Such issues do not exist with Adobe Photoshop. There is an individual layer for each component. If an image comprises of an animated background and a bold caption, both these constituents would be in separate layers.


As a photographer, you can take the appeal of your clicks to a completely different level by using top notch tools. With reverse image search, you can check the actual source of image. Other than that, as a photographer it helps you because all the websites on which the image has been uploaded can be viewed. Similarly, with Adobe Photoshop, state of the art editing tasks can be completed without any trouble.

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