The Best Last Minute Birthday Cake Delivery In Singapore

This is the 21st century and the one thing people seek everywhere is convenience. People are getting busier than ever and to cope with the hectic lifestyle, new ideas and technologies have been emerging. One of the recent trends includes the development of the food delivery system, especially last minute cake delivery. Today, everyone prefers ordering online and have them delivered at their doorsteps instantly. Whyzee, the number one online birthday cake delivery in Singapore focuses solely on customer satisfaction and doing just that. They understand the need for convenience of a customer in daily life and promises to “satisfy their cravings anywhere, anytime”!

What Makes Whyzee Different?

Delicious, mouth-watering cakes have been around for years. So, it’s no surprise that there are several cake shops all around Singapore. But what makes Whyzee one of a kind? Let’s find out!

Convenient Cake Delivery System

People at Whyzee give the most of their attention to the delivery system. As a result, they have developed the best islandwide cake delivery system, featuring an express 60 minutes delivery. With Whyzee, you have the authority of ordering the cake online, selecting the date and time all by yourself. Order from anywhere around Singapore from the wide range of options available and enjoy appetizing cakes anytime!

By “anytime”, they actually mean it. With the “same day last minute cake delivery” service, you can avail express delivery services from Whyzee. You cannot prepare for emergencies but Whyzee can help you get out of that situation. Contact them, put down your requirements and enjoy your party, the best online cake shop in Singapore assures the rest! 

No Compromise with The Quality and Quantity

A famous saying goes like this; quality and quantity cannot go hand in hand. Whyzee doesn’t believe in it. They have a wide variety of cakes available and they never compromise with quality. They take an oath to deliver fresh and tasty bakes made with premium quality ingredients. However, even after maintaining the class, they have a quite big inventory. The Cheesecakes Whyzee makes are considered to be one of the best Cheesecakes available in Singapore.

When we say best, we really do mean BEST. They are perfectly rich and balanced which truly define how a heavenly cheesecake should taste like. If you are a huge fan of New York Cheesecakes like we do, we have to stress that you try them out yourself! They offer seasonal cakes as well, though seasonal cakes need advance order and a little more time to prepare. The bottom line is, you have a vast number of options when you decide to purchase your cake from Whyzee.

Vast Variety of Cakes with the Flexibility of Customisation

Whyzee has all sorts of cakes ranging from standard birthday cakes, eggless cakes, vegan cakes, Swiss Rolls, Cupcakes, Healthy Bakes and the list just goes on. What makes them special is the flexibility of the order. You can have customised cakes in an effortless and hassle-free way. Want to celebrate your party with a unique personalized cake? Call them. Want to have seasonal cakes? Order from Whyzee! Want to have a healthy cake catered just for you? This is the ultimate solution!

Affordable Healthy Bakes

As a continuation of the last point, Whyzee always delivers cakes that are safe and healthy. They bake cakes with special requirements if you have an issue with your diet, sugar intake or cholesterol. And keeping all of these in mind, their cakes have really affordable price tags that are too good to be true. We fell extremely in love with their eggless cakes which we felt tasted even better than normal cakes out there in the market. There is only one thing you can do, and that is to try them out yourself!

A Very Satisfied Customer Base

Customer’s satisfaction is an essential thing for Whyzee and their customer base is the result of that. All of their customers are very satisfied with their service and almost all of them recommends this cake shop highly. They also have an excellent rating on Google by their satisfied customers.

Easy to Reach

It’s not easy to become the best online cake shop. Whyzee achieved this because it’s really easy for anyone to access and order from here. From traditional calling to e-mail or Whatsapp, Whyzee is available everywhere. They are very active on social networks like Facebook or Instagram as well. This social presence not only helps the customers to contact or get support for them but also helps to understand their services to everyone else. You can subscribe to their newsletter to enjoy mega discounts, exclusive deals etc.

There might be other cake shops in Singapore but they are not as convenient as Whyzee for sure. Whatever your requirements or situation maybe, when it comes to tasty, delicious cakes, Whyzee has got you covered!

+65 9773 2434
Blk 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109, Singapore 120352
Operating Hours:
8.30am – 6.30pm (weekdays), 8.30am – 12.30pm (weekends), 24 hours for online purchase

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