What To Visit In Curacao

Everyone needs a vacation at least once in a while. Yet, identifying the best place to travel to be usually a challenge to most people. Even those who travel a lot can find it difficult to decide where to go next. This article highlights one of the best places in the world to visit. Considering its many unique features, here are some of the places to go in Curacao.

1. Iconic Capital City

So, if you are wondering what to visit in Curacao, Willemstad is one of the places worth your trip. The busy metropolitan was established when Dutch colonists put up the islands’ trading post.  Car rental Curacao airport will conveniently take you to the inner city for an entire UNESCO World Heritage Spot feel of the truly colourful and iconic colonial architecture. The settlers banned white paint to protect the residents’ eyesight from extreme brightness. That means you will see coral-coloured, green, purple, and yellow businesses and rowhomes.

2. Peek through the Complicated History

Kura Hulanda Museum is an added must-see site within the city centre. The West African slavery trade was dominant in Curacao, so the museum will clearly bring you such a painful past centre and front. Constructed on the earlier slave yard site, the anthropological focal area features displays examining the slavery history. Particularly, you will learn how this aspect added to Curacao’s beliefs and culture.

3. Shopping in the Floating Market

Punda’s Floating Market is one place you must get all set for the terrific photo sessions. Licensed Venezuelan farmers use this covered dock space to sell different wares within Curacao Island. For centuries, the people considered the 40-mile sea trek using while bringing vegetables and fruits to the market. Of course, here you will also be offered fresh fish, avocados, coconuts, plantains, peppers, and melons.

4. Hiking in the National Parks

Despite Curacao’s abundant gorgeous beaches, you can enjoy its contrary northern coast’s rugged and rocky scenes. Shete Boka and Christoffel are two worthy national parks to visit boasting of plentiful hiking tracks, such as advanced climbs and easy strolls. You will be taken to the Christoffel Mountain peaks.

During your hikes, you get the opportunity to spot a vast range of fauna and flora, containing bromeliads, island orchids, and, Curacao’s white-tailed deer (if you are lucky). Next door, Shete Boka National Park is a wild area featuring the fiercest Mother Nature due to the pounding massive waves on the coral sharp extensions. The underground caverns here have three categories of sea turtles in the pocket anchorages. You will enjoy the two winding hiking trails and the observatory deck on the lava hills having rolls.

5. Venture through the Hato Caves

Curacao Island’s Hato Cave Complex is another worth checking natural feature. The caves contain coral limestone that formed after hundreds of thousands of years. The ocean’s slow retreat exposes deeper coral layers whose elements wear out over time, leaving behind such mysterious caves. Tour guides will venture with you across the chambers to enable you to see the long-nosed bats, stalactites, and stalagmites. Ensure you are checking the walls close to see the native Arawak’s faded petroglyphs paintings.

6. Wander around through a Car Rental

The problem with this beautiful island is that it does not have a convenient public transportation system. For that reason, hiring a car is strongly recommended to behold Curacao without allowing this minor inconvenience to ruin the breathtaking experience. Well, car renting services are at the Curacao airport to give you the freedom to drive around. Consequently, maximizing your experience of beholding these amazing sites at Curacao.


When planning a trip, a good planner will think of car rental curacao airport.  Considering this service will give an enjoyable flair to the stunning island destination that offers everything you would expect from sand to surf, cuisines, history, and snorkelling. Of course, such a small nation has so much more past the beach essentials. Being a Dutch colony before, Curacao will unquestionably give you European flair all the time. In addition, this island contains numerous remarkable natural and interesting highlights worth your vacation.

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